Bitcoin To Be Featured On CNN By ‘Super Size Me’ Director

Morgan Spurlock, director of ‘Super Size Me’ and host of CNN’s Inside Man, will be exploring the world of digital currency on this week’s episode. Declaring in the promo “this thing is so bananas” Spurlock will attempt to survive a week on Bitcoin.

The investigation will take viewers through how to buy bitcoin, how to access it through an online/mobile wallet, how to earn bitcoin through mining and/or other methods, and how and where to spend it through out the week long tour.

Spurlock interviews Andreas Antonopoulos, one of the most well respected figures in bitcoin, as well as security researcher Dan Kaminsky, former FBI special agent Christoper Tarbell, and West Virginia Democratic Senator Joe Manchin.

Additionally, Spurlock explores the black market uses for the digital currency and highlights bitcoin’s open transaction ledger and it’s potential uses for business, financial, and political endeavors.

CoinDesk quotes Spurlock as saying, “Even if the bitcoin currency bubble bursts, the technology could go down in history as one of the most important inventions of this century. It might even change the world.”

This week’s episode is set to put an objective spotlight on bitcoin and the bitcoin community. Several articles, such as this however with news outlets that likely have viewers not nearly as familiar with bitcoin have appeared this week. This is certainly good press and promotion for CNN but also for bitcoin. Spurlock is likely to help dispel the mystery and rumors people who have little direct knowledge about the digital currency may have heard over the years.

The episode is set to air on CNN this Thursday, February 19th at 9pm (21:00) ET/PT . You can also access more details on CNN’s attempt to “go inside the world of digital currency” at

Morgan Spurlock is an American documentary filmmaker, best known for his first documentary film Super Size Me, where he ate nothing but McDonald’s fast food for 30 days to measure the effects it would have on his mood and health. In CNN’s Inside Man, Spurlock takes a similar approach to a wide range of topics, completely immersing himself in the activity, job, or environment as a means to investigate the pros, cons, and realities of the role.

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