My Dirty Little Bitcoin Secrets

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Disclaimer: We were provided with a free advance review copy of the e-book in order to write this article.

My Dirty Little Bitcoin Secrets” is Ofir Beigel’s latest project. If you’re familiar with Bitcoin news sites or just started learning about the technology, you’ve probably ended up at his website, 99Bitcoins at some point during your searches. The site boasts an impressive collection of news articles and most-importantly, product comparisons and introductions to several key crypto currency concepts.

The e-book is in effect an extension of these analyses on steroids. It’s 268 pages and 15 chapters long, during which the reader is hand-held through a breakdown of how to set up a profitable business within the Bitcoin community.


The book is geared towards long-term online businesses and both serial entrepreneurs as well as those who are just looking for a step-by-step guide about how to get started, with a heavy emphasis on content-creation for affiliate marketing although it touches on other revenue methods such as selling your own products and subscriptions.

Having had some experience with affiliate marketing, the recommendations given as to how develop a business plan are spot-on and mirror the advice given by experts in the field of online content development: the book goes into depth about how figure out your idea, analyze it’s weaknesses and strengths and put them into action as soon as possible to determine their viability.

One of my favorite excerpts from the book which gives a glimpse as to the writing style:

“Your product doesn’t need to be perfect, heck it never will be. It just needs to do what it’s supposed to in an acceptable manner in order for you to get some feedback.”

If the idea of developing online content or creating your own service appeals to you, the book is definitely worth its price. For those more experienced or with more capital, it even contains a detailed section about how to outsource work and essentially automate it.

I would also recommend you visit the author’s website, 99Bitcoins if you’re curious about the product. There are several posts throughout the site about monetization, which you could treat as a preview of sorts.


My Dirty Little Bitcoin Secrets” doesn’t reinvent the wheel, but it manages to provide a detailed compilation about methods most online entrepreneurs are already somewhat familiar with (i.e. business plans, how to analyze your ideas, etc.), break them down for laymen and mix all of it with the Bitcoin ecosystem.

Personally, I always take “how to make money” guides with a grain of salt as I recommend everyone should, but the book manages to avoid the cliché of over promising (although its sales copy does entice potential buyers with Beigel’s own success, which is a simple marketing tool). Within you’ll find detailed analysis of potential monetization avenues, personal earning reports from the author and perhaps most importantly, it emphasizes that although failure may happen, it’s just another part of the entrepreneurial process and should be taken in stride.

… just reading this book won’t get you anywhere. You have to take massive action in order to reach the success that I was able to reach and be successful. I didn’t just sit down and read a bunch of books. I tested out stuff, failed and learned along the way and that’s how you get results.

There are so many free/cheap tools available for setting up online businesses at the moment that those testing out new ideas are mostly hindered by lack of time or fear of failure rather than traditional financial hurdles and the book is very forthcoming about the amount of work involved in actually getting your project off the ground and determining its potential through real-world testing rather than just endless brainstorming.


The book references its author’s website continuously throughout its length, which in other cases would get old quite fast but here the site itself is a testament to the business model within, so think about it as an extended case study. Check out its Alexa ranking, the level of interaction that visitors exhibit and compare the position of its articles within search engines using related keywords, the author clearly knows what he’s doing.

In my personal opinion, the advice within is top-notch but definitely not geared towards those looking to make money overnight, which in my book only lends it more credibility.


For those of you interested in the book, you can find the sales page here, it’s available for $27 via ClickBank (Bitcoin purchases are manually processed by the author) and there’ll be a %35 discount for the first buyers until May 20th 11:59pm GMT +3.

The Review

My Dirty Little Bitcoin Secrets

9.8 Score

"A 268 pages and 15 chapters long detailed breakdown of how to set up a profitable online business within the Bitcoin community."

The Good

  • Decidedly thorough
  • Suitable for both experienced online entrepreneurs and newbies
  • Multiple monetization methods
  • Detailed analysis and comparisons of multiple affiliate opportunities
  • Detailed analysis and comparisons of useful services and tools to build your business
  • Teaches readers how to automate their business

The Bad

  • Heavily slanted towards affiliate marketing, which should be mentioned on its sales copy


  • In my personal opinion, the advice within is top-notch but definitely not geared towards those looking to make money overnight, which in my book only lends it more credibility. 95%

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