The Best Bitcoin Casino VIP Bonuses for High Rollers

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VIP Bonuses are some of the best bonuses in the business. If you qualify, you can get everything from free event tickets to cashback, gifts, and even bundles of cash. The problem is that qualifying isn’t easy and as the name suggests, these bonuses are typically the reserve of the elite—the players who spend the most and wager the most.

In this guide, we’ll tell you all that you need to know about VIP Bonuses while also dipping into High Roller Bonuses to see how they compare.

What do they offer, can you get them, and how much do you need to deposit and wager before you will qualify?

Let’s take a look.

What are VIP Bonuses?

Best VIP Bonuses

The term “VIP Bonus” is often used interchangeably with “Loyalty Schemes” and “High Roller Bonus”, but there are some distinct differences.

A High Roller Bonus is a substantial bonus that is tailored toward high rollers. It can be offered to new and loyal players and it usually has limits that appeal to only high rollers.

For instance, it may offer a matched deposit of up to £10,000 but insist on a minimum deposit of £1,000.

A Loyalty Scheme is simply a bonus that gives players points every time that they play. These points can then be used to unlock prizes.

A VIP Bonus, is one that’s reserved for the true VIPs. It’s a bonus that you won’t always see on the casino website and one that most players will never have access to. But if you’re depositing and wagering a lot of money, the VIP team will contact you, make you an offer, and invite you to join the exclusive program.

It’s basically a Loyalty Scheme that goes a step beyond, offering much bigger prizes and rewards for players who deposit thousands and even tens of thousands of pounds every month.

Loyalty vs VIP

The confusion regarding Loyalty Bonuses and VIP Bonuses isn’t helped by the fact that many casinos uses the term “VIP Scheme” or “VIP Club” in place of “Loyalty Scheme”. They play the old, “All of our players are VIPs” game, which is annoying for the real VIPs.

These casinos still want to appeal to their actual VIPs though, and so they usually have an elite club, and that’s when it gets weird. It means that their lower level club is the “VIP Club” while the upper level ends up being something like, “Elite VIP”.

There are even casinos that create multiple elite tiers to make everyone feel special. The result is a convoluted mess like, “Super Premium Elite VIP”. That might not sound too bad at first glance, when you remember what VIP actually stands for, you realize just how stupid it is: “Super Premium Elite Very Important Person”.

What Are Bitcoin VIP Bonuses?

Bitcoin VIP Bonuses are just VIP Bonuses that revolve around the use of Bitcoin. You will find them at BTC online casinos, and you can collect if you deposit and wager using this cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin VIP Bonuses are plentiful and have actually helped to trigger a resurgence of VIP Schemes and Loyalty Schemes. It’s thanks to the work of sites like King Bill, Kingdom Casino, and Bitstarz that we’ve seen a huge upsurge in these bonuses industry-wide.

Bitcoin casinos came out of nowhere and needed to take a share of a huge industry that was worth billions of pounds and was controlled by dozens of established brands. One of the ways that they did this was to offer bigger and better bonuses.

Not only did we see lots of generous Welcome Bonuses to attract new players, but they also created more VIP Bonuses to bring the big players in.

Most players wager around £20 at a time and do this just two or three times a month. It means that they are averaging deposits of £50 and month and £600 a year, and when you account for their winnings and bonuses, the result may be just £200 or so going to the casino.

A high roller, on the other hand, might not think twice about dropping £10,000 at a time, especially if they are able to use a fast and secure method like BTC. It means that the casino could take over £50k from them over the course of a year. One high roller, therefore, is worth about 250 “normal” players.

VIP Bonuses were the Bitcoin casino industry’s way of thriving in a saturated industry. They were able to stand up and say, “Gamble here and not only can you avoid debit card and bank transfer limits, but we’ll give you lots of additional prizes and rewards”.

Even today, many years after the first Bitcoin casino launched, BTC casinos still offer bigger and better VIP Bonuses than you can find anywhere else.

How Much Do I Need to Wager to Join a VIP Program?

High Roller Bonuses

A VIP program always seems within reach. That’s why it works so well.

We’ve all been there—you wager a few pence at a time, deposit less than £50 a week, and yet you always have one eye on that VIP status and the prizes that go with them. You can’t help but think that if you play enough, you’ll eventually make it to the top and will be a VIP.

But it’s highly unlikely.

It’s like trying to become a millionaire by collecting coins from the back of your sofa.

As an example, most online casinos will give you 1 point for every £20 that you deposit and wager on slots. To reach the highest levels of these programs, you’ll need anywhere from 20,000 to 40,000 points on average, which equates to a total spend of between £400,000 and £800,000.

Of course, you don’t need to lose that much money. If you take ten slot spins for £1 each, 9 of these lose, and the final one wins £10, you won’t lose anything, but you will have still wagered £10. But we’re still talking about a huge sum of money, and that’s not all, as it only gets you to the final level of the Loyalty Scheme.

From this point, you need to move one step further and attract the eye of the VIP team. Typically, that will mean earning anywhere from 30,000 to 100,000 points, and usually it means that you’ll need to clear a total of £1 million or more.

Some casinos also have caveats that insist you need to make a minimum monthly deposit in addition to—or instead of—the loyalty points. These deposits can be anywhere from £5,000 to £25,000 a month.

That’s a lot of points to earn and a lot of deposits to make. If you’re depositing less than £100 a week, the only hope you have is of winning a progressive jackpot and then blowing it all, and that’s definitely not recommended!

And if you’re thinking that you can play Roulette to increase your point total without losing a lot of cash, think again. Most Loyalty Schemes reduce your return when you play table games. In the above example, you’ll need to spend £50 to £60 to get a single loyalty point.

It’s enough to negate all but the most optimal play, and even then, the edge is still firmly with the casino.

Of course, there are casinos that have lower-limit VIP Schemes, including ones that will invite you when you deposit just a couple of grand a month. But the lower the entry point, the fewer the rewards will be.

Oftentimes, the most rewarding programs are the ones built for VIPs, as the casino knows that a single one of these players is worth a thousand casual players, and so they go out of their way to attract them and please them.

High Roller Bonuses

VIP Bonuses To Collect

High Roller Bonuses are usually offered as part of a VIP Bonuses, but they are also incorporated into Welcome Bonuses and other matched bonuses.

If you’re someone who deposits £5,000 or more at a time, you probably won’t be interested in a bonus that offers 100% up to £500. Sure, all you low stake players out there (us included) can argue that “free is free” and they should just collect it anywhere.

But you have to remember that Welcome Bonuses also place limits on how much can be wagered per bet. Those wagers are often capped at £3 or £5, and for someone depositing £5,000 at a time, that might be too low.

A High Roller Bonus is one that offers them more cash initially and has wagering requirements that are better suited to their style of play.

Ultimately, there are two reasons that Welcome Bonuses exist.

The first is to attract players in the first place and the second is to encourage them to deposit more money than they otherwise would. If casinos offer a standard Welcome Bonus to everyone, high rollers won’t be very tempted, and they definitely won’t deposit more than they usually do. By adding an extra zero or two, the casino will tick both of those boxes.


What is the Best VIP Bonus?

You can find a huge number of VIP Bonuses on this site. We have reviewed hundreds of Bitcoin-friendly online casinos and many of these offer VIP Bonuses and High Roller Bonuses.

How Can I Earn More Points?

The amount that you receive from a VIP Bonus is tiny. It should not be seen as an incentive to wager more but rather as something that will earn you a few bucks after weeks of play. Don't get too caught up in your progression. Try to forget about all of that and just check your points balance and bonus offers every few weeks or so.

Why Am I Not Being Invited?

If you're a member of an online casino that has a VIP Bonus Scheme and you're not being invited, it's either because you're not gambling/depositing enough or you're not giving it enough time. These things are measured over the course of weeks, and you won't be invited just because you bet a few hundred quid on a single day.

Will I Lose My VIP Status?

Most sites will kick you out of the program if you don't maintain a high level of depositing and wagering. Some make a big deal out of the fact that you will remain a VIP forever once you earn that status and while these programs are better, they have strict invitation requirements.

Do I Need to Wager with Bitcoins?

There are VIP Bonuses on both Bitcoin and non-Bitcoin casinos. The size and type of these bonuses will vary considerably, but they exist across the whole industry.

How to Find Good Bitcoin VIP Bonuses

Many online casinos advertise their VIP Bonuses. They’re not as prominently advertised as Welcome Bonuses and Free Spin Offers, but they are usually there if you browse through the Promotions Page.

If you can’t find one, and you’re interested in joining the casino, contact them directly. Ask them if they have any such program and if they do, enquire as to how you can become a member. They probably won’t tell you exactly what you need, but an ambiguous “invitations are sent to high rollers and VIPs” is usually sufficient.

In such cases, you can be sure that you’ll get an invite when you start depositing four or more figures and wagering hundreds at a time.

How to Find the Best High Roller Bonuses

High Roller Bonuses usually come as part of VIP Bonuses. Just make sure that you check the VIP Club when you join the casino.

You should also check the Promotions Page before you make a deposit. If the Welcome Bonus is much lower than you would usually deposit, and you can’t find another option, contact the casino directly.

Tell them how much you intend to deposit and ask them if there is anything that they can offer you. All online casinos want to attract high rollers and they will generally do what they can to bring you onboard. If they refuse, just take your custom elsewhere—there are many other sites that will give you want you want.