Top Bitcoin Casino Reviews

4.5 rating
No Deposit Free Spins
4.5 rating
300% Bonus Up To €3,000
4.5 rating
1 BTC Welcome Bonus
4.3 rating
15% to 25% Cashback
4.5 rating
120% Bonus, Up to 1 BTC
4.3 rating
180% Bonus, Up to 1 BTC
3.5 rating
100% Bonus, Up to €100
4.8 rating
300 Free Spins
4.3 rating
Up to €1,300 Welcome Bonus for New Players
4.5 rating
Up to €3,000 Welcome Bonus for New Players
4.5 rating
Up to €800 Welcome Bonus for New Players
3.8 rating
Up to €500 Welcome Bonus for New Players
4.5 rating
100% Up to €300 Welcome Bonus for New Players
4.0 rating
Up to €1,900 Welcome Bonus for New Players
3.5 rating
Up to $3,000 Welcome Bonus for New Players
4.0 rating
Kosmonaut Casino: Up To 1 BTC Welcome Bonus
4.0 rating
BritainBet Casino: 200% Up To £50
4.5 rating
Arlekin Casino: Up to 3 BTC and 200 Spins
4.3 rating
SportsBet.IO Casino: Free Bets and Loyalty Bonuses
3.8 rating
MarsBet Casino: Get up to €200 and 100 Free Spins
4.0 rating
Play Fortuna Casino: Get up to $500 and 50 Free Spins
4.0 rating
20Bet Casino: Get up to €120 and 120 Free Spins
4.0 rating
Rocketpot Casino: Get up to 1 BTC and 10% Cashback
4.3 rating
888Starz Bet Casino: Get up to €1,500 and 150 Free Spins
4.5 rating
Fight Club Casino: Get up to €400 and 150 Free Spins
4.3 rating
RocketPlay Casino: Get up to €400
3.0 rating
OReels Casino: Get up to 55 Free Spins
2.8 rating
TebWin Casino: Get up to £500
4.0 rating
Up to €600 & 200 Free Spins for New Players
3.3 rating
Up to 500% Crypto Bonus for New Players
4.3 rating
Up to €320 & 100 Free Spins for New Players
3.5 rating
Up to €400 as a deposit bonus for New Players
4.5 rating
Up to €1,500 & 125 Free Spins for New Players
3.8 rating
Up to €1,200 as a deposit bonus for New Players
4.3 rating
Up to 300% Bonus & 300 Free Spins for New Players
3.8 rating
Up to $1,000 as a deposit bonus for New Players
3.8 rating
Up to €300 & 150 Free Spins for New Players
3.8 rating
Up to €1,000 as a deposit bonus for New Players
4.5 rating
Up to €1,000 as a deposit bonus for New Players
3.8 rating
Get 100% up to €500 for New Players
3.0 rating
Get up to €200 + 100 Free Spins
4.3 rating
Up to €2,000 & 50 Free Spins for New Players
4.0 rating
Get up to €1,000 + 100 Free Spins
4.3 rating
100% Welcome Bonus Up to €200
3.8 rating
Up to €100 Bonus and 77 Free Spins
4.0 rating
Get 100% up to €100 for new players
4.0 rating
Up to €400 & 100 free spins for new players
4.3 rating
Up to $1,350 Bonus for New Players

We saw a huge number of online casinos launch this year, with operators taking advantage of burgeoning gambling markets in Northern Europe and Latin America.

To make it easier for you to choose the right casinos, we have highlighted the very best sites on this page, focusing on those that have just launched as well as classic casinos that have been around for a little longer but have continued to update throughout 2022.

Why Should I Join a New Casino in 2022?

This question has been pondered by many online gamblers over the years, and it’s easy to see why.

If most casinos work with the same developers, offer similar payment options and software, and are all mobile compatible, why place your trust in a new and untested casino when you can stick with a respected one?

It’s a conundrum that casinos have also pondered. To convince you to join and not to simply stick with better known brands, they offer much bigger bonuses and a wider selection of games.

Take MELbet as an example and compare it to several classic Microgaming casinos (that we won’t name) that have been around since the early 2000s. These Microgaming casinos have an average of 400 to 500 games, insist on their members using just 3 or 4 payment methods, don’t accept cryptocurrencies, and have bonuses often limited to just a few hundred Euros.

MELbet, on the other hand, accepts dozens of payment methods, can be accessed in over 100 currencies and languages, and has a Welcome Bonus offering close to 300 Free Spins and €1,750 in bonus credits. It also has more than 3,000 games, which means you will never be short on choice.

In other words, while the bigger and more established brands can rest on their laurels and cruise on their reputations alone, the newer ones cannot, and that forces them into action. They do their best to convince you to join and their best often entails throwing multiple bonuses and accessibility options your way.

This is why new online casinos continue to thrive and why we see hundreds of them being launched every single year. For the best bonuses, the largest selection of games, the most innovation, and a casino that will always try to impress, look no further than new online casinos.

Read the Best Bitcoin Casino Reviews

Top Online Casino Reviews

We put a lot of effort in writing our casino reviews. There’s no point skimming over the content and regurgitating the same-old nonsense. That doesn’t help you. Our ultimate goal is to help you decide whether a casino is right for you based on your gaming preferences, bonus needs, payment requirements, and stake levels.

To make every review genuine and comprehensive, we join the sites ourselves and spend some time playing the games, making deposits, initiating withdrawals, testing the support staff, and generally doing what we can to replicate your experience. We use VPNs to see how the site looks in different regions, small deposits to see how bonuses work, and we also test the sites with mobile devices and desktops.

Of course, as dedicated as we are to our craft, we understand that doing this for every online casino can get pretty expensive, so we try to limit losses where we can, withdrawing what we deposit, requesting test accounts, and even using prepaid cards to reduce security risks. This means that our reviewers don’t quite have the same experience as someone who deposits hundreds of Euros and then withdraws several thousands in winnings, but for the things that we can’t replicate, we look at casino reviews, complaints, and regulatory information.

The end result is an honest, transparent review process that you can always rely on. If we don’t like a casino, we won’t give it any publicity, which means you won’t see it here. This page is reserved for the cream of the crop, the best online casinos available right now!

What Do Our Online Casino Reviews Consider?

All of the following elements are studied for our online casino reviews:

  • Bonuses: This is what most players are interested in, so it’s one of the main things that we look at. Our reviewers look at the size and the generosity of an online casino bonus, as well as any hidden terms that render the bonus useless and cause an endless amount of stress and frustration for players that try to collect. It’s not just about Welcome Bonuses and Free Spins, either, as Loyalty Schemes are also considered carefully.
  • Games and Software: Both quantity and quality are considered, because a casino with 500 slots is useless if all of those slots are 15+ years old and are barely even compatible with mobile platforms. It’s important for a top online casino to have a broad selection of quality games, ones that suit all player types, and for these games to offer wide stake ranges and be available on mobile and desktop platforms.
  • Payment Methods: Does the site accept cryptocurrencies or does it only offer fiat currencies? Is it a PayPal casino, does it accept payments in Skrill and Neteller, and what about credit/debit cards? All of these aspects and more need to be considered and play a big role in our online casino reviews.
  • Customer Support: You can’t appreciate the importance of good customer support until you have encountered bad customer support. The only thing worse than having a really bad experience is when the support team refuses to acknowledge your experience, doesn’t give you what you want, and ignores you. That’s why we emphasise the importance of good customer support, looking at aspects such as support options and opening times, as well as how they respond to complaints and whether there is a complaints procedure in place.
  • Safety and Security: Whether an online casino is safe or not really shouldn’t be a question, not when you consider how many regulators oversee these sites and how much money goes into making them secure. But believe it or not, there are sites out there that don’t tick the boxes where safety and security are concerned and these should be avoided at all costs. That’s why we don’t highlight them and why you will only see the most secure sites on this website.

Tips for Beating Online Bitcoin Casinos

Bonuses Tips and Bitcoin Casino Reviews

The online gambling industry is full of people who think they can game the system, finding exploits that they can use to gain an edge over the casino and consistently win money.

For the most part, these exploits just don’t exist. You’re just one player. You have perhaps invested a few hours of your life into looking at an online casino and thinking about potential backdoors. You’re going up against an online casino backed by a billion-dollar industry, decades of experience, and some of the smartest people in the world.

If there was a backdoor, they would have found it before you and they would have fixed it.

Except, that is, if the fix had a negative effect on their bottom line.

Let’s use live tennis betting as an example. Betting sites want to cover as many markets as possible in as many countries as possible, and to do this, they give control over to the umpires. When a point is scored, the umpire presses a button, this feeds through to the site, and the market is updated.

Bettors realized that the technology required the umpire to unlock the device, find the right score, and press a button, a process that could take several seconds, especially if the umpire was older and less mobile. And so, they fly around the world, following these umpires, and making calls to their friends to tell them about successful bets before the markets have even been updated.

It’s an exploit, and it works, but only because fixing it would mean removing thousands of live betting markets, greatly devaluing the site, and losing lots of money as a result.

Imagine that you own a large store that sells expensive gold jewellery using an honour system. This system negates the need for expensive security personnel and staff members, and therefore greatly reduces your overheads. After doing your sums, you realize that you’re losing just $1,000 a month to shoplifters but hiring all those staff members would cost you $2,000.

You’re letting people cheat you, but only because it’s profitable for you.

Something similar applies to online casinos. They are generally very secure and there’s no way you can win lots of money on a regular basis, but with a little strategy and a lot of effort, you can turn a consistent profit using the following tips and tricks:

Bonus Shopping

Some bonuses are more generous than others and this is especially true for the Bitcoin casino industry. One casino may offer you a straight-up bonus of 0.5 BTCs while another will throw an impressive 5 BTCs at you.

One of the ways you can gain an edge on the casino is to shop around and find the best bonuses. The trick is not to focus too much on the size of the offer, but on the extent of the wagering requirements. The higher these are, the more likely you are to lose all of your money, so less is more.

Collect as much of the bonus as you can, play high-RTP and high volatility games, and as soon as those wagering requirements are over, you can withdraw your money.

Make sure you’re only playing with your bonus credits and are not risking any real money. That way, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. When you win and make it through the wagering requirements, you can withdraw and then take your money to another casino and another bonus.

It seems like an unlikely method. After all, if everyone did this, casinos would be broke. However, only a small percentage of players do it. Even the ones who try to use bonuses in this way end up succumbing to temptation and risking their money before making that all-important withdrawal.

Table Game Strategies

Top Bitcoin Casino Reviews

Some strategies are more effective than others, but many of them have some merit.

The best table game strategy is Basic Blackjack Strategy (read more in our guide to Blackjack), a mathematically sound formula that dictates every single move on the Blackjack table and ensures you’re playing with probability in your favour. If you choose a variant that has a very low house edge and you follow this formula to the letter, you only need a tiny bit of luck on your side to win.

It’s often said that using Basic Blackjack Strategy will tilt the edge in your favour. We’re not entirely sure about this, but if nothing else, it will greatly increase your odds of success.

It’s not the only strategy, either. The Martingale Strategy has been used to beat games of Roulette for decades and is incredibly effective, albeit risky.

With this strategy, you begin at an affordable stake, say $10, and then you double it every time you lose and return to normal when you win. As an example, let’s say that you lose 5 times in a row and then win. If you were staking the same money each time, this would be a sizeable loss, but with the Martingale strategy, you’d get all of your money back…and then some:

  • $10 = Loss (-$10)
  • $20 = Loss (-$30)
  • $40 = Loss (-$70)
  • $80 = Loss (-$150)
  • $160 = Loss (-$310)
  • $360 = Win (+$50)

For this to work, you need to bet on 50/50 outcomes, such as Red/Black and Odd/Even. More importantly, you need to stick with a game that has unlimited limits, or limits that are high enough to allow you to keep doubling your stake until you win.

In the end, not only will you have a slight profit, but you will also have accumulated a number of loyalty points.

Negotiate with Them

If you’re a high roller in a brick-and-mortar casino, you can speak with the manager in advance, tell them that you’re planning a visit, and ask them what perks are available. For instance, they often give players like this free rooms, event tickets, and cashback.

In the online casino industry, such offers are rare, but only because people are not asking for them. If you make a lot of regular deposits and consider yourself a high roller, you should email the casino before making a deposit and ask if they can make you an offer.

You can also choose to collect your Welcome Bonus first. Once you have used it and are ready for another, email them and let them know that you will take your business elsewhere if there is nothing they can offer you.

Let Them Chase You

Nearly half of all online businesses use email marketing, and most of this marketing revolves around the same tactics. It includes a newsletter welcome email, a sales email that follows several apparently “helpful” emails (to make it seem like you’re not being sold to) and several encouraging reminder emails.

The most common of these are sent when you add items to your cart and then leave, others are sent when you order a recurring product once and don’t order again. When these emails arrive, they tend to be loaded with cut-price discounts, convincing you to make a purchase by greatly reducing the rates.

Believe it or not, the same emails are used in the online gambling industry, but it’s a little more complicated.

Typically, these emails will land in your inbox between 2 weeks and 3 months after your last deposit. If that was your first deposit, the offer may be small, as you’ll be deemed a “bonus hog” and they won’t want to invest too much in you. But if you have made several deposits without bonuses attached, they’ll generally be more forthcoming with the bonus offers.

Make sure you are subscribed to the casinos’ newsletter and play hard to get. If you receive an offer that you don’t like, ignore it and wait for another one to come along. Trust us, if you’re still subscribed, you can almost guarantee that another offer will be received.

Scam or Not a Scam?

Discover the Best Bitcoin Casino Reviews

Here at Coinbuzz, we go to great lengths to ensure that all of the casinos we feature are 100% legitimate. But we understand that you’re not taking all of your recommendations from us. We also acknowledge that some casinos turn rogue.

At the same time, however, it’s important to note that many casinos are blacklisted and classified as “scams” even when they are completely legitimate. In our guide to the Newest Online Bitcoin Casinos, we highlighted some of the things you can look for when determining if an online casino is a scam or not.

If that’s what you’re looking for, click the link, read the guide, and find the information you seek. In this guide, however, we want to do a something a little different and show you some of the reasons that casinos are blacklisted and what this means for their legitimacy:

Affiliate Issues – Could be a Scam

The gambling industry relies on affiliates to keep going. They push the bonuses, attract the players, and collect the rewards. It’s a reciprocal relationship and it has worked well since the gambling industry was in its infancy.

Most of the time, things run smoothly, but affiliate operators have been known to screw their affiliates over, refusing to pay them, suspending their accounts, and causing all kinds of issues.

When this happens, the gambling communities are in uproar and before long, these sites are backlisted because of their association with the affiliates.

Sometimes, the affiliate operators are not connected to the sites, but most of the time, they have some kind of relationship and it’s always suspicious when an affiliate turns rogue. If they’re not paying the people who promote their services and bring them customers, can they really be trusted to pay those customers?

Account Suspensions – Probably Not a Scam

While account suspensions are very concerning on the service, they rarely happen without reason. Take a look at any online casino’s bad reviews and you will see a number of complaints like this.

If you dig a little deeper, especially where Bitcoin casinos are concerned, you’ll see that these suspensions often result from users who opened multiple accounts or operated from restricted regions. In such cases, it’s not unexpected when they are suspended and it not necessarily a sign that the casino is a scam.

Refusing All Withdrawals – Definitely a Scam

When a casino turns rogue, it may refuse all withdrawals. In some instances, it just doesn’t have the funds needed, and has either squirrelled them away on personal exploits or has used them for marketing purposes. In any case, the funds aren’t there, which means the casino can’t pay them, and eventually it will probably disappear completely.

This is one of the reasons why regulators like the UK Gambling Commission insist on all casino operators moving customer funds to a separate, secure, third-party account. That way, they can’t access those funds and spend them, which is how things should be. It’s also why scam casinos licensed by the UK Gambling Commission are incredibly rare.

Refusing Some Bonuses – Not a Scam

Another common complaint that players have concerns the use of bonuses. Some sites require users to speak with customer support reps before the money will be released, others require equally strange and strict terms. Customers are very angry about this and are quick to leave bad reviews when it happens and results in them losing out on a bonus.

It’s a dirty ploy, but it doesn’t mean the casino is a scam.

Doesn’t Have a Phone Number – Probably Not a Scam

We’ve seen several online casino review sites point to a lack of a phone number as a massive red flag. But these are the 2022s. Times have changed. Multiple small businesses operate without phone numbers these days and the same applies to online casinos and sports books.

Opening a phone line is a very expensive process. You need to pay someone to staff those phone lines and if they are based in an English-speaking country, that could be in excess of €15,000 a year for every full-time employee. Of course, many casinos, just like many e-commerce sites, hire specialist third-party services that staff multiple lines for multiple countries, but this is still expensive.

It’s much cheaper for casinos to hire Live Chat experts and email staff. They can work remotely and can even be hired on a freelance basis.

If there is no Live Chat or email support in addition to a lack of phone support, you should be cautious, but if these options exist without phone support, it’s probably nothing to worry about.