The Best Bitcoin Casinos No Deposit Bonuses

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A no deposit bonus is exactly what it sounds like. You can sign up to an online casino and get some bonus cash without depositing any money. The amounts offered by these bonuses vary and are typically tied to fiat currency sums as opposed to cryptocurrencies.

No deposit bonuses come with wagering requirements and they may also require you to verify your data first, although this will depend on the casino. Sign up requirements tend to be very relaxed as casinos understand that players don’t want to waste time submitting passports and credit card information just for the sake of a small no deposit bonus.

No deposit bonuses are somewhat rare in Bitcoin-only casinos but they do exist elsewhere. The issue here is that Bitcoins don’t require a bank account, passport or any other defining data. You can transfer money whoever you are and regardless of what sort of identification you have behind you.

This makes Bitcoin-only casinos more susceptible to fraud and money laundering, as well as underage gambling. Add a no deposit bonus on top of things and you’re asking for trouble. You’ll also get a lot of interest from players who create multiple accounts or create accounts with the sole purpose of taking bonus credits, using them, and then leaving for another site.