Privacy Policy

At Coinbuzz (“we”, “our”, “website”, “company”), we are dedicated to protecting our users (“you”, “they”, “their”) and ensuring their information remains safe and secure, while remaining in full compliance with relevant data protection acts.

The policies herein describe how we collect, store, and use your information. By reading these terms and using this website, you are hereby giving your consent for everything herein. Your continued use of this website constitutes an ongoing agreement between you and the company.

Your Information

Non-personal information may be collected by the website to improve the user-experience and aid in the expansion and usability of Coinbuzz. The information collected includes technical data, such as a user’s web browser, operating system, navigation information, and activity, as well as basic geo-location data.

Personal information including email addresses and names may also be collected through contact forms, newsletter sign-up pages, comments, and more. In such cases, users will input this information willingly and can choose what data to enter and whether or not to receive periodic emails from us.

How We Use It

User information is used for a variety of purposes, including:

• Discovering and fixing technical problems
• Authenticating key features
• Updating users with news, updates, and website changes
• Displaying advertising via third-party providers
• Collecting analytics to improve the website
• Responding to emails and queries

As an example of how we use this information, when you contact us, we ask that you supply us with your email and your name so we can send you a reply and address you directly. Similar information is requested when you sign up and leave a comment, in which cases your chosen name will be displayed on the review and your email can be used to receive reply notifications (if requested).

Storage and Safeguarding

We will never sell, trade, share or give away your personal information. However, basic non-personal information may be used by third-party providers to improve the Coinbuzz website. Developers, content creators, and marketers use this information to analyse the site’s growth and to initiate features that improve the user experience.

Our Cookie Policy

Coinbuzz uses cookies to improve the functionality of this website. Cookies are small, secure files that serve as a bridge between this website and your computer. They collect data concerning the links you have clicked, the pages you have visited, and more. They also ensure you remain logged in as you browse the website.

You can reject these cookies but doing so may prevent you from experiencing the site as we intended it, limiting the services and features that we can provide you with.

Third Party Use

The policies described herein relate only to Coinbuzz and not to third-party service providers and affiliated websites. As soon as you leave this website for one of our affiliates or partners, these policies no longer apply and you should consult the terms on that specific website.

Legal and Responsible Use

This website is designed for users above the age of 18. Anyone under 18 is not permitted to use Coinbuzz and, in the unlikely event we inadvertently collect information on underage users, we will endeavour to delete that data.

Updates to This Policy

All of these terms are subject to change. In the event that such a change is required, it will be made at our sole discretion. We recommend checking this policy on a regular basis to stay up to date with the latest term and policy changes.

By continuing to use the Coinbuzz website, you are giving your consent for any changes that we make.