• Lots of Games
  • Sports Betting
  • Live Casino
  • Virtual Sports
  • Big Welcome Bonus
  • Slow Withdrawals
  • Messy Site

888Starz Bet is a massive online gambling domain that blends sports betting with casino play and virtual sports, among other things. It also has its own cryptocurrency and positions itself as an “iGaming Mining Platform”, making it a very unique addition to the space.

888Starz Bet is a massive online gambling domain that blends sports betting with casino play and virtual sports

The site is licensed in Curacao and launched in 2020, targeting major gambling regions all over the world. In this 888Starz Bet review, I’ll take a closer look at everything the site has to offer. There are a few things here that I don’t like (just my opinion, of course) but there are many things that I absolutely love.

All things considered, it’s one of the most unique gambling destinations out there right now. Here’s why…


888StarzBet Review

I am not a big fan of minimalism when it comes to gambling websites. I recently got frustrated with a sportsbook because I had to navigate through 3 or 4 different links just to find the game I wanted, even though it was arguably the biggest game of the day and was also happening in-play.

I like lots of games, menus, and options. Give me a streamlined, mobile-only online casino and I’ll give you the middle finger, right before I break your phone.

Fortunately, 888Starz Bet doesn’t have that problem. It is packed with features, menus, options, betting markets, games, and everything else you could hope to see. Unfortunately, it’s a mess.

In fact, the layout of 888Starz Bet is pretty much the answer to the question, “If players like having lots of options, why are most casinos so minimalist?”. After all, the more info you pack into a site, the harder it is to make it look nice.

Some sites do a fantastic job of this. One of the best examples is bet365, a site that has casino games, the UK’s biggest sports, live streams, promotions, a poker room, and so much more, and yet is still very easy to navigate. 888Starz Bet clearly didn’t take a leaf out of bet365’s book.

If bet365 is your OCD aunt’s house right before she invites the neighbours around for drinks, then 888Starz Bet is the same house when your aunt goes on holiday for a fortnight and leaves your alcoholic uncle home alone.

That may sound pretty harsh, but it’s true.

Not only do they try to cram everything onto a single page without sparing a thought for sidebars, but they make it worse by including old-school banner ads as a means of advertising their promotions and affiliates.

I was half expecting a full-page pop-up from Party Poker followed by an advert for Myspace.

It’s not a terrible site on the whole, and in this 888Starz Bet review, I’ll discuss the ways in which it redeems itself, but if you’re looking for a clean site that is easy to navigate, this is not the one. You’ll need to spend some time on the site just to get used to the chaos.

Software and Games

888StarzBet Promo Codes

There is a lot to cover with the 888Starz Bet games section, so I will try to keep this as brief as possible.

Firstly, the main sections of the site include:

  • Sports Book
  • Live Betting
  • Live Casino
  • Real Money Slots
  • Virtual Sports
  • Esports
  • Poker

Each of these sections is packed with a host of games—they don’t do anything by halves at 888Starz Bet. In fact, the sportsbook alone is one of the busiest that I have seen, with over 1,400 betting markets on the biggest football matches.

Although I am not happy with the general navigation and style of the site, I have to give it to them when it comes to the actual games and functionality. Everything runs really well and it’s very easy to find what you’re looking for.

The same is true for the sports books. The bets are clearly displayed and there are plenty of game stats and betting markets as well. It’s huge, and it’s hard to pick faults.

If you’re using the sportsbook and you’re not a fan of decimal odds, simply click the settings/gear icon at the top of the page and you can change them. There are American odds, Fractional odds, and a few others—all bases are covered.

Most of my experience with the site was with the desktop version. But there is also a mobile version and you don’t need to download an app to use it. If anything, the mobile version is actually a lot cleaner than the desktop one and it manages to do that without sacrificing any features, games, or betting markets.

Bonuses and Promotions

The 888Starz Bet Welcome Package Bonus is offered to all new players and goes as high as €1,500 or $2,250 CAD. You will also be given 150 Free Spins.

The terms differ slightly depending on your country of origin, but if we use Canada as an example, the deposit must be at least $15 and you’ll get a 100% match with your first deposit, along with 30 Free Spins.

To get the rest of the cash, you will need to make a further three deposits. These provide a 50% return on your second deposit along with a 25% return on your third and fourth. The number of Free Spins that you get increases with each deposit and the maximum return also increases, beginning at $450 and 30 Free Spins with the first deposit and going up to $675 and 45 Free Spins with the fourth.

There are plenty of other bonuses available, as well. These include reload offers and loyalty offers. And if you’re joining to place a few sports bets, you can also get Free Bets. Just make sure you check the Terms and Conditions and know whether you are collecting a casino bonus or a sports betting bonus.

Payment Options

888StarzBet Payment Options

888Starz Bet accepts bitcoin, Tether, Binance, Tron, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold, and a bunch of other cryptocurrencies. You can even use the alt coins produced by football clubs like Juventus, PSG, and Roma, which is probably the first time I have seen those coins listed on a casino.

Even sites like BetandYou don’t offer them.

These cryptocurrencies are available through wallets and through a variety of cryptocurrency exchanges, including BitValve, Changelly, BitForex, Coinmama, and several others.

If cryptocurrencies are not what you’re looking for, 888Starz Bet also accepts a variety of traditional payment methods, including credit cards, debit cards, web wallets, and instant payment services.

Withdrawal options are not quite as abundant but you will still find a huge variety. In addition, 888Starz Bet has a massive withdrawal limit of half a million Euros. The only downside to all of this is that the pending time can take up to 3 days, but in truth, it will depend on what method you’re using, how long you have been a member, and whether there are any additional verification steps to complete.


  • A Very Big and Feature-Rich Casino
  • Sports Betting and Virtual Sports
  • A Big Welcome Bonus
  • Lots of Betting Options
  • A Big Range of Payment Options

User Reviews

Games on 888StarzBet

There are a few bad reviews out there for 888Starz Bet, but I wouldn’t worry too much about these. There were reviews complaining about getting sport bonuses instead of casino bonuses as well as reviews about not being able to withdraw as they were trying to use a different method.

The customer support team has been very prompt and professional in dealing with these reviews, and that’s quite rare for the online casino industry. If you have read my review on Syndicate Online Casino, you’ll know how important I think it is for casinos to respond in this manner.

I am fairly confident that the bad reviews wouldn’t exist if the site was cleaner and easier to navigate. I’ve been involved with the online gambling industry for over 20 years, and I still make mistakes when it comes to collecting bonuses and making deposits/withdrawals. Most of the time, it’s because the site isn’t easy to navigate, the terms aren’t properly displayed, and everything is generally a little too messy.

888Starz Bet does a good job of explaining things, but it could certainly do a better job of arranging its pages and content.

On the plus side, if you have an issue on the site or with your account, you know that you’ll always get a prompt and helpful response from the support team.

If you are unhappy, I recommend contacting them first and letting them know what the issue is. In my experience, companies that are so diligent in responding to negative reviews and complaints are usually very happy to help their customers when they have an issue (before the issue turns into a bad review or complaint).


Is 888Starz Bet Licensed?

Yes, 888Starz Bet has a license from the authorities of Curacao. Its company number is 153870. Curacao is the main regulator for the crypto gambling industry as it’s one of the easiest and cheapest, as well as one of the few that allows easy cryptocurrency transactions.

Who Owns 888Starz Bet?

888Starz Bet is owned by a company known as Bittech. As far as I could tell, they have not launched any other online casinos or sportsbooks and 888Starz Bet is the only one listed under the brand’s license. That’s quite uncommon, but it’s not really anything to worry about—everyone has to start somewhere.

What is the Withdrawal Limit on 888Starz Bet?

888Starz Bet has what seems to be a high withdrawal limit of €500,000 a month. It’s quite generous when you consider that many casinos licensed in Curacao limit players to withdrawals of no more than €20,000 a month, with some going as low as €10,000. By giving players the chance to withdraw up to half a million Euros, 888Starz Bet opens its doors to high rollers.

Can I Use a Casino Bonus in the Sportsbook?

As with most sites that operate a sportsbook and a casino, 888Starz Bet keeps everything separate. You can use funds from one to play games in the other, but not if they are bonus funds. Most of the time, those funds will be specifically designed for specific slot machines or for specific areas of the site. For more information, check the Terms and Conditions of your chosen bonus.

Can I Play in the United States?

If you are from the US, you won’t even be allowed to visit the 888Starz Bet homepage. It is not licensed to operate in the USA and so it’s best to stay well away. You can join 888Starz Bet if you are in Canada, however, although that won’t be much consolation for US players.

Can I Play in the UK?

You cannot join this site if you are in the United Kingdom as it does not hold a license with the country’s gambling commission. If you’re in the UK and looking for a safe and secure online casino, check out SlotsHeaven

Final Thoughts

When I first saw the 888Starz Bet name, I assumed it was a brand owned by 888 Holdings, one of the biggest gambling brands in the world. After I realized that wasn’t the case, I thought that maybe it had some relation to BitStarz, one of my personal favorite Bitcoin casinos.

Again, that wasn’t the case. In the end, I can only assume that the name is a complete coincidence or it’s like one of those Lidl no-name brands that tries to look like a famous brand without actually breaking trademarks. It’s like naming a fantasy series “Lord of the Potter Wizards”.

Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe “888” has some other meaning. Who knows, but I’m sure there are many readers wondering the same thing, so I thought I should address it.

If you ignore the strange name and the messy theme, along with the other niggling issues discussed in this review, 888Starz Bet isn’t such a bad casino. After all, it’s a huge gambling domain that encompasses thousands of games across numerous categories. You can place bets on traditional sports, follow Esports, visit the Live Casino, spin slots, and bet on virtual sports.

And all while using cryptocurrencies! It’s vast, and in many ways, it reminds me of a more ambitious MELbet Casino, a site that is also a blend of the absurd, the messy, and the brilliant.

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Jimmy Cole
Jimmy Cole
2 years ago

Is this not part of 888 Group? Love the review and the bet365 comparison. I was going to join this one as I like 888 and thought this was their crypto offering. Now I’m not too sure.

1 year ago
Reply to  Jimmy Cole

I thought the same thing

10 months ago
Reply to  Hugo

Is it one of those sites that 888 sold? I know they sold a bunch of bingo sites and casinos.

Caino Jack
Caino Jack
1 year ago

I don’t agree with the messy comment. I quite like this one. Not the best, but a good site. I collected the welcome bonus, played, lost, and left. Will probably return later though as I liked it.

Caino Jack
Caino Jack
3 months ago
Reply to  Caino Jack

Just a heads up for anyone who casinos…I didn’t return. Now that I see my old comment however, I might have to check back

Vanessa West
Vanessa West
1 year ago

gud bonus not much else to report but its a solid site nonetheless

Jessica Bryant
Jessica Bryant
1 year ago

To give these guys credit, I think the withdrawals have improved a lot over the last few months. Might just be me, but they seem to be much quicker.

10 months ago

I don’t know about this one. Seems okay but maybe a little too generic

Fill Gamby
Fill Gamby
1 month ago

It’s okay. I agree with the review for the most part but I don’t think I would review it as highly

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