BlockTrail Launches Mint Service to Provide “Fresh” Coins

The Netherlands based company BlockTrail (known for its block explorer) has launched a new service called “Mint” which allows prospective buyers to purchase Bitcoins directly from miners, thereby obtaining completely “clean” coins.

Aside from their block explorer, BlockTrail aims to cover the needs of developers and companies within the Bitcoin ecosystem by providing solid infraestructure in the form of their Developer Platform:

“A year ago the BlockTrail team came together to build a better and more secure way for developers to interact with Bitcoin. We built our platform and infrastructure to deliver sophisticated multi-signature security and a robustness which developers and businesses can rely on. Our platform connects and communicates with the Bitcoin Blockchain Network, and serves as the core foundation of all BlockTrail products.”

With Mint, BlockTrail is aiming to satisfy what they refer to as the non-inconsequential market of buyers looking to get their hands only on Bitcoins that are veritably out of the oven and avoid potential headaches stemming from coins that may have been involved in fraudulent or illegal transactions.

In order to offer this service, BlockTrail has reached out a mass of miners from all around the world and they’re betting on their service to fetch a premium for the following reasons:

Limited supply: there is only a limited number of coins entering the market everyday (approximately 3600 per day at the moment).

Demonstrable source: customers can verify the origin of the coins and trace them directly from the miners involved in the project.

Privacy: combined with good safety measures, the use of newly “minted” coins should affords users the highest level of confidentiality for their transactions.

Mint will implement dynamic fees for their services, determined by availability and market demand and will be displayed prior to payment on each purchase. At the moment the platform only allows for Bitcoin payments, but the team is confident about the implementation of fiat payments as development continues and they obtain more user feedback.

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