Tip of the Day

Find Great Tips That will Help Your Game

Use lucky dips for lottery numbers

Lotteries are not the best way to gamble, far from it. The odds are very low, and while you can win a lifechanging sum of money, you’re often more likely to be hit by lightning. They are okay to play every now and then, but it’s easy to get trapped.

Players often make the mistake of choosing a specific set of numbers and playing them every week. Once they start, they can’t stop, as they worry that their numbers will land on the week they don’t play.

To avoid this, use lucky dips every week. Not only are the odds exactly the same, but it means you can stop whenever you feel like it.

Real money tournaments are a great way to earn

If a site has real money slot tournaments, you should play them. It’s as simple as that. These tournaments give you points for playing slots, and the points then determine your place on a leaderboard. If you finish high enough, you could earn prizes such as bonus credits, cash, free spins, and more.

If you were going to have a session on the slots anywhere, you have nothing to lose by playing these games. The only exception is when the qualifying slot is one that you hate or the minimum stake is higher than your usual amount.

If not, then go for it and start collecting those points.

Make sure your email address is secure

Is the password for your online casino or sports betting account secure? What about your email address?

Many internet users make the mistake of leaving their email address open, either by using the same password as on a dozen unsecured sites or just making it very guessable. If someone has your email address, they can request a password change. They can also see which gambling sites you have joined.

Your email account is a gateway to your online activity, so make sure it is as secure as it can be. Use a unique password and two-factor authentication if possible.

Stop looking for shortcuts

There is no shortcut to winning on games like poker, just like there is no easy way to become a pro sports bettor. You have to spend time learning the rules, tracking the form, and mastering the games.

So, stop wasting money on tipsters, stop wasting time on strategies, and take your time. If you want to consistently make money as a gambler—whether you’re betting on sports, playing games of poker, or spending some time on the slots—you need time, patience, and a clear head.

Of course, it also helps to know that luck plays a massive role and if it’s not on your side, you won’t walk away as a winner.

Budget wisely

Every gambler needs a bankroll. It doesn’t matter how experience you are, how much money you’re betting with, or even what type of game you’re playing, if you’re wagering money then you need a bankroll.

A bankroll is basically your gambling budget. It’s the amount of money that you can afford to lose in a single session/day, week, and month. It’s different for everyone as it will depend on their income and outgoings. This is something that you will need to calculate yourself. Once you have that amount, stick to it and don’t increase it until your income increases.

Don’t chase slot machine losses

If you’re losing money during a slot session, don’t start betting more in an effort to chase those losses and get some cash back. Inevitably, it will result in even greater losses.

If you think you’re feeling bad now, just wait until you lose your entire monthly bankroll in a single gaming session or find yourself wondering how you will pay your bills next month.

In an ideal world, you’d get those losses back and all would be well. But you’re going against a house edge, so the odds are against you and you’re more likely to lose more money.

Don’t use credit cards to gamble

Credit cards are a great way to shop. They are secure and convenient. But they are a terrible way to gamble. In the UK, credit card gambling was considered to be so problematic that it was banned in 2020. Other countries may follow in the future.

Gambling with credit is a slippery slope. You’re betting money you don’t have and potentially creating issues for yourself down the line. Never gamble with credit cards, even if you live in a country where it is possible to do so.

Instead, create a bankroll and fund it with money you actually have and can afford to lose.

Record your winnings and losses

How many times have you asked a life-time gambler for their total wins/losses, only to be told something like, “I’m slightly ahead” or “I’m probably breaking even”. If that were true, the gambling industry wouldn’t be worth anything and all the casinos and sportsbooks would go broke.

They’re not lying, they just don’t know the truth because they remember their big wins but forget all the losses that occur between them. To ensure you don’t fall for the same trap, record all of your winnings and losses. Many modern casinos and betting sites actually contain a feature that will do this for you.

Don’t bet when you’re angry or drunk

It might seem like a good idea to have a few drinks as you sit and play your favorite online casino games or make a few bets, but you should always abstain from substances that impact your clarity of thought and inhibitions.

It’s very easy to get carried away when you drink while gambling. You could find yourself making larger bets than you usually would and may wake with a massive hangover and a sizeable hole in your bankroll the following morning.

By all means, enjoy one or two, but as soon as you feel a little tipsy and think your judgment might be affected, either stop drinking or stop gambling.

Remember that slots are 100% luck

It’s one of the most important things that you can remember and it’s something that you should never forget. As soon as you start convincing yourself that certain strategies work, you’re heading down a very slippery slope.

Slots are all about luck. There are no effective strategies. It doesn’t matter what time you play, how you play, or even how much skill and patience you have. The only way you can improve your odds is to find games that have a high RTP and the right variance for you planned gaming session.

Of course, a bankroll also helps and is a necessity.