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Don’t bend or break your own rules

Bankrolls are there for a reason, and the same is true for betting strategies. When you set these, you must make sure that you stick to them at all costs.

The problem is that betting strategies are designed with a clear, sober, and patient mind, but that often goes out of the window when you’re gambling, the adrenaline is pumping, and you begin to get frustrated.

Trust your initial strategies and bankroll and do everything you can to stick to them, including setting deposit limits, and utilizing other responsible gambling tools.

Take proven bet slips with a pinch of salt

There are a lot of influencer “betting gurus” out there who prove their worth by showing winning bet slips, right before selling you their tips and betting guides. Don’t pay too much attention to them, as many of them are selling you a lie. Those slips might be real, but you have to ask yourself what you’re not seeing.

There will be big losses accompanying those wins, but they are less willing to share those. And if there were no losses and they really were that successful, they wouldn’t care about selling their tips.

After all, if you have a money tree in your garden, would you waste your time and money showing others how to grow their own, or would you just harvest and cash in?

Don’t expect too much from strategies

Although it’s good to incorporate strategies into your play, it’s important not to rely on them too much. They are not fool proof and will rarely guarantee wins.

Take the Martingale strategy as an example. This Roulette strategy is designed to recover your losses and works by doubling your wager when you lose. As long as you don’t hit the table limit, you’ll get your money back eventually. But it’s not flawless, and it’s not flawless because table limits exist and even if you’re successful, your profits will be minimal.

You could also be banned from the game or just hit a terrible run of luck.

Generally speaking, strategies are helpful, but they are not perfect.

Start small

Regardless of the game you’re playing and the wagers you’re making, always start small. If you intend to gamble $1 per game/spin or $10 per bet, consider dropping that to $0.50 and $5 or less.

When you’re new to sports betting, table gaming, and slots, you’re more likely to make mistakes. It’s common, and it’s perfectly normal. But by accommodating for that, you’ll stand to lose less money while gaining the same experience.

The less confident that you are about the game or the wagers, the less you should be betting. If it’s possible to play for free, such as a poker freeroll or a slot demo, then you should do so.

Ignore your personal bias in sports betting

Don’t let your bias get in the way when placing sports bets. Technically, you should know more about your favourite team than the average bettor, but that’s rarely the case.

Many sports fans get overly optimistic when their team goes up against an overwhelming favourite. They are probably the only people in the country at that time who think they can win. For some reason, the opposite is true when the match is more of an even contest, and pessimism is rife on matchday.

Regardless of whether you’re optimistic or pessimistic, there’s a good chance you won’t be looking at the game from a neutral standpoint and that’s never a good thing.

Don’t rush in

As tempting as it might be to rush straight in and start playing, it’s important to take your time.

Think about what games you will play, why you will play them, and how much you will wager. If you’re playing card games like poker, take your time to learn the rules. It also helps if you play a few games for free, as playing is often the best way to learn and you don’t stand to lose any real money.

Once you feel like you have understood the rules and are ready to make a real money wager, you’re always just a click away from doing so.

Don’t get too disheartened when losing

Whether you’ve hit a bad run of form when playing slots or none of your sports bets or poker hands seem to be going right for you, it’s important not to get too disheartened.

It’s easier said than done, of course, but keeping your head up will help to avoid tilt. Once you start letting your frustrations get the better of you, you’ll head down a very slippery slope. It could end with you chasing losses and betting more than you can afford to lose. You may take stupid risks and completely ignore all strategies and prior planning.

So, stay on course and don’t let your anger or frustration get the better of you.

Learn the lingo

It pays to know what you’re talking about, quite literally.

Many slot machines are designed with simplicity in mind. They are fool proof, and short of betting too much or clicking the wrong button, it’s hard to lose money through ignorance alone.

But the same can’t be said for poker, sports betting, and table games like Roulette and Blackjack. It always helps to know the lingo and to understand what buttons you’re pressing, what bets you’re making, and what the potential outcomes are. It doesn’t take long to learn these things and you can get some assistance by reading online casino guides and checking game rules.

Check your form if you play poker

If you play poker, it’s important to keep a close eye on your form. Perform an autopsy of your previous cash games and tournaments. Think about where you went wrong and what you could have done differently.

Many poker players leave a tournament thinking they were hard done by. They think that the cards just went against them and they were powerless to stop it. But if they were to look through their hands, they may see that they made some huge mistakes, such as tilting after a bad beat or making it obvious that they were bluffing.

Watch out for games that let you pay for locked wilds

Games like Wild Gambler are incredibly fun and you can win huge sums of money playing them. But the Locked Wilds feature is easy to abuse and you could find yourself gambling 10x and even 50x more than you usually would on every spin.

Once you start playing those high-wagered spins, it’s hard to go back, and so you find yourself blowing all of your budget on just a few spins.

If you have a history of problem gambling, or get carried away very easily, be very cautious when playing these games.