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Understand that you’ve probably missed the boat

Let’s be honest, the best time to invest in Bitcoin and Ethereum has already been and gone. The ones who made millions from tiny investments were the ones who got in on the ground floor and saw the opportunity when no one else did.

It’s unlikely that you’ll make the same gains now that Bitcoin is hovering between $20k and $60k.

You could still make a lot of money, but the days of turning $100 into $1 million are long gone and trying to chase those big gains will just get you in trouble.

Do your research

If you’re investing in cryptocurrencies for the first time, do your research and make sure you know what you’re letting yourself in for.

Many first-time investors limit their knowledge to reading a few news stories about how crypto is the “next big thing”. They get excited and greedy, and the next thing you know, they have sunk all of their savings into something they know nothing about.

It means they are more exposed to the risks that come with crypto investing, such as losing their coins, investing in a dodgy cryptocurrency exchange, having their details stolen, or giving their money to the first scammer with a semi-believable story.

Understand how scams work

It’s easy to get scammed if you don’t know you’re being scammed. It sounds obvious, but think about it this way—if you know about the Royal Mail postage scam or the Amazon Invoice scam, how likely are you to fall for them? On the flip side, if you have never encountered the Nigerian Prince (AKA “419”) Scam, you might just fall for it.

Learn how these scams work and why so many people fall for them, and that should decrease your chances of being a victim.

This is especially important in the crypto sector, as there is no shortage of people out there trying to steal your money.

If you’re new, start small

Whether you’re gambling or investing, it’s always best to start small. Don’t get carried away just because you read a story about someone who became a millionaire after investing thousands or gambling hundreds.

Figure out what you can afford to lose, reduce it, and then use that to gamble or invest. You will lose some money and make some mistakes, and that’s to be expected. But if you’re only gambling a fraction of what you can afford to lose, you can take those losses on the chin, learn from your experiences, and move on.

That’s what investing and gambling is all about.

Don’t throw your winnings away

You win €1,000 from a €200 deposit, giving you a €800 profit. You’re happy. Excited. And in your excitement, you decide to gamble another €500. After all, there’s a good chance you’ll win and if you don’t, you’ll still have a €300 profit. But then you lose than €500 and convince yourself to gamble another €100, and another.

Before you know it, you’ve lost all of your profit and if you’re not strong enough, you’ll lose your initial stake, as well.

If this sounds like you, it’s time to start quitting while you’re ahead and leaving the other stakes for another day.

Protect your device when gambling on your mobile

Mobile gambling is convenient and, for the most part, it’s also safe. The problem is that you’re not just relying on the casinos to provide the safety and the responsibility also falls on you.

If you are connecting to unsecured WIFI networks, you can be hacked and your data can be stolen. If your device is lost or stolen and it’s not protected by a passcode, face unlock, or fingerprint unlock, they could gain access to your accounts.

Always think about how/if your device is protected and make sure you only connect through connections that you know are 100% secure.

Don’t register more than one account

All online casinos and sportsbooks have a rule that prevents you from creating more than one account. They do this to ensure that you don’t just keep signing up, collecting the Welcome Bonus, and then creating another account when you have used it.

Trying to get around this policy by creating multiple email addresses, using VPNs, or lying about your name/location will cause problems further down the line. When they find out you’re lying, they will likely ban all of your accounts and you could lose all the bonus cash you have accumulated.

It’s just not worth the hassle—one account is enough.

Take regular breaks

To prevent falling into troubling habits, be sure to take regular breaks. If you gamble for long periods, you’re more prone to getting frustrated and making risky wagers that you shouldn’t be making. It can get very expensive very quickly.

As soon as you feel yourself getting tired or bored, take a break. If you have been gambling for so long that you have lost track of time, call it a day.

Many gambling sites contain features that send you warnings every 30 or 60 minutes, making sure you know exactly how long you have been gambling.

Don’t be so willing to hand over your phone number

These days, most casinos and sportsbooks send promotional messages through SMS, and it’s not always easy to unsubscribe. They don’t give you the option, some methods don’t work, and some casinos just ignore your requests. It’s annoying, and if you have joined many sites and given them all your phone number, you could find yourself being pinged multiple times a day.

It’s annoying if you need that number for personal or work reasons. Avoid this issue by only giving them your number when they insist, always looking for “unsubscribe” options, and threatening to report them if they keep spamming you.

They need to learn somehow.

Use different email addresses

Although you should never use multiple accounts or lie about your details, it can be a good idea to use a throwaway email address whenever signing up for new sites. You should still have access to that email address and will need to check it, but if your main address needs to stay spam free, it’s best to keep it away from casinos.

The rules on commercial spam were supposed to have changed, but they haven’t. Casinos and sportsbooks will still pester you, and sometimes, those emails will keep coming even if you unsubscribe.

After joining a dozen sites or so, you could find yourself inundated with emails.

Ask for help if you need it

If you need help with a particular game, ask for it. That’s what customer support sections are there for. If you’re playing Live Dealer games, you can get assistance from the dealers, all of whom are more than happy to help.

This rule applies to problem gambling as well. If you feel like your gambling habits are getting out of control and you’re losing more than you can afford to lose, tell a loved one. It will give you some accountability and will start the healing process. Casinos and sportsbooks also have an array of tools and guides you help you out.

Don’t gamble with credit cards

Credit card gambling was outlawed in the United Kingdom a couple of years ago but it is still available in other countries. However, it’s a terrible idea.

Not only are you gambling with money that you don’t have, thus increasing your risk of becoming a problem gambler, but you’ll also be charged high fees and penalty interest rates.

In some cases, depositing and then withdrawing €20 could cost you up to €10—it’s insane! That’s because gambling goes down as a cash transaction, similar to withdrawing money from an ATM using your credit card. Even if you pay your balance every month, you will incur interest and fees on the amount used to gamble with.

Get a passport!

Why do you need a passport to gamble online? Well, you don’t, but if you don’t have a driver’s license, it could make your life a lot easier.

These days, verification systems are built into every casino, sportsbook, and poker site, and you’ll also need to be verified if you want to join a cryptocurrency exchange, stock broker, or anything else related to finances. Getting a passport will help immensely with this for all non-drivers out there.

Remember to have fun

Gambling should be about having fun. It’s a popular pastime, and that’s true whether you’re the sort of person who just uses it to kill a couple of hours or someone who experiences a roller-coaster of emotions.

Unless you are an incredibly gifted casino player or sports bettor, it’s not something that you can do for a profit. As soon as you start thinking that gambling can become a job, it’s time to give yourself a reality check. It’s not a job and it probably never will be a job. It’s a hobby—remember that and try to have some fun.

Always stick to your strategy

Whatever your strategy is, stick to it. Don’t deviate out of anger or frustration. There’s a reason that you created that strategy in the first place and you should do everything that you can to stick to it.

A good strategy can involve something as simple as adhering to a bankroll, betting less when you’re losing, quitting when you’re ahead, or only gambling for a couple of hours a week.

Once you find your strategy, don’t change it when you get caught up in the moment. That’s how problem gamblers are born and you could lose a lot of money.

Looks for games that rely less on luck

Most casino games are heavily reliant on luck. That’s the way that the casino likes it as that’s how they can guarantee a profit. However, there are games that focus more on skill, knowledge, and patience.

Blackjack is a good example, as knowing how to use basic blackjack strategy will greatly increase your chances of success. Poker is the best option though, especially if you’re playing against other players and not against the house.

Sports betting also falls into this category, albeit to a lesser extent. These are the games and bets you should be focusing on.

Be careful of making the exact same bet

Problem gamblers often treat sports betting like a lottery. They stop focusing on placing thoughtful bets and start placing the bets that they always place. They are worried that their usual preference will happen on the day that they didn’t bet, and so just like a lottery player choosing the same numbers week after week, they keep making the same bet.

As you might expect, it’s a very troubling pattern to fall into and one that will lead to huge losses. As soon as you start treating these games like lotteries, you remove all strategy and skill and play directly into the hands of the betting sites.

Change currencies to reduce minimum bets

Some sites allow you to switch to another currency to benefit from low minimum deposits and withdrawals without being hit with additional fees. PokerStars Casino is a great example, especially if you’re in the UK.

You must deposit and withdraw at least £10 on this site, but if you visit the “settings” section and switch to USD, this changes to $10, or around £7.50. You can switch back afterwards and there should be no fees involved if you’re using web wallet options like PayPal.

It might not work on all sites or for all users, but it’s a good option to have if you gamble with very small amounts. It’s also perfect if you want to close an account but don’t have enough money to meet the minimum requirement.

Use PayPal

PayPal is one of the best payment options for online gamblers and that’s true whether you’re playing poker, table games, slots, or making sports bets.

It’s rapid, facilitating instant payments both ways. It’s also great for bankrolling purposes as you can use it to track every penny that goes into and out of your gambling sites.

Just as importantly, PayPal is accepted on the bulk of online gambling websites, especially in the United Kingdom, where it is one of the most popular methods. Outside of the UK, you can get similar benefits from web wallets like Skrill and Neteller.

Check the info screens on slots

All slot machines have an info screen, also known as a paytable. It can be accessed by clicking “Info”, “Paytable”, or the little “i” icon. It will tell you everything that you need to know about the slot, including the symbols, features, bonus rounds, and paylines. Some slots also list their volatility and even their payout in this section.

If you have ever found yourself wondering how a certain feature works and what a bonus round looks like, visit this section and you will find everything that you need to know.

Info screens are also available on many other casino games.

Try real casino games

Play a few real casino games every now and then to get a feel for how they work. There are thousands of diehard online poker players out there who have never played a real game of poker, and the same is true for fans of blackjack, roulette, and baccarat.

Playing these games in person can teach you a lot about how they work, giving you insights that you may have otherwise overlooked. What’s more, sitting down to play a few live games could give you some confidence that will help you when you take a seat at a virtual table.

Ignore tipsters that charge

If a so-called professional sports bettor makes lots of money wagering on sports, why would they charge $50 a month or so to sell their tips to other sports bettors? Not only would they risk being kicked off many online betting sites, but if they give out enough of those “amazing” tips, they could drive the odds down.

The truth is that while professional sports bettors do exist, they never volunteer to sell their tips for a few bucks. More than likely, you’re dealing with a charlatan, one that probably posts all of their winning bets to attract customers but completely ignores their losing bets.

Don’t let big odds distract you

Don’t place bets based purely on your potential payout. Your bets should be placed based on the most likely outcome, regardless of whether that means getting odds of 1.5 or 15.0. It’s better to get a little profit than nothing at all.

Not only will this strategy prevent more losses over the course of a gambling session, but it will also prevent you from heading down a very slippery slope.

Problem gamblers often chase big odds, and the more that they do this, the more problematic their gambling becomes.

Pay attention to the payouts and stats. Look at the form if you’re betting on sports and focus on the RTP if you’re playing casino games.

Always ask for perks, rewards, and bonuses

If you are a high roller, someone who deposits thousands of Euros a month, you are in a very unique position. Not only can you secure high roller bonuses and join VIP schemes, but you can also get extra perks and rewards from the casino.

The best way to get these is just to ask. Contact the casino in advance. Let them know what kind of player you are and how much you gamble, and see what they can offer you.

A single high roller can be worth dozens of casual players and a good site should do everything it can to secure your business. If not, another site will, so just take your business elsewhere.

Games have variants!

Remember that all gambling games have multiple variants and these can differ quite significantly with regards to the payouts and features.

Take Roulette as an example. American Roulette has a house edge that’s over 5% while European Roulette is less than 3% and French Roulette is even lower. It’s a similar story with Blackjack. Classic variants like Switch Blackjack and Double Xposure Blackjack return a greater chance of success than games of Pontoon and Spanish 21.

Don’t assume that all games are alike and always look for the best option.

Don’t use Pay By Mobile

Pay By Mobile has become very popular in the UK in the last couple of years. It’s essentially a way of gambling with credit. It’s no surprise that it became popular after credit card gambling was banned in the UK, but it is a surprise that this hasn’t been banned as well.

The problem with this method is that you’re limited to small transactions, can’t make withdrawals, and are charged £2.50 per deposit. It’s ridiculous and is best avoided if you want to keep more of your money.

There are many better payment options out there, so stay well clear of Pay By Mobile.

Play the slots you like

Casinos are there to be enjoyed. It’s not just about increasing your chances of success by playing the slots that have the lowest house edge and the highest payout. Look for slots that you actually enjoy playing, even if the payouts are a little lower than what you can find elsewhere.

There are thousands of online slots out there and these are created by scores of top developers. You’ll find progressive jackpot slots, Megaways slots, cascading reels, roaming wilds, and more. Whether you prefer to keep things simple with video slots or opt for the most complicated bonus slots that you can find, you should always stick with what you enjoy.

Don’t try to lie or deceive

The gambling industry is tightly regulated and controlled. As soon as you try to get around those controls, you’ll cause problems for yourself.

There are stories of players in the United States using VPNs to access sites banned in the USA. They combine these connections with cryptocurrencies so that their location isn’t exposed. But eventually, the casino will make an ID verification request and if their true identity is exposed, they will lose everything.

Players can also get into trouble if they create multiple casino accounts for the purpose of collecting lots of bonuses. If you break the rules, they will catch you and cause you all kinds of problem.

Stop looking for easy wins

There is no such thing as an easy win and you should stop looking for one.

This applies to all games that rely on luck, including poker and sports betting. You might think that you’ve noticed something the oddsmakers have missed, but they know more than you and unless you have insider knowledge, they will still have the edge.

As for casino game strategies, there are none that work perfectly every time. These games are carefully created to ensure that the casino always comes out on top. If you think you have found a guaranteed way to beat them, you’re probably mistaken.

Don’t hassle Live Dealers

Although Live Dealers are there to help you if you need them, they are not there to be hassled. Don’t get angry with them if you lose. Don’t flirt with them if you find them attractive. They are not your verbal punching bag and they are definitely not there to be made uncomfortable as you awkwardly chat them up.

A Live Dealer might smile, nod, and seem friendly, but that’s only because they are getting paid for that. It doesn’t mean that they are reciprocating.

Treat Live Dealers with the same respect you would reserve for anyone else.

Set daily and session budgets

Gamblers have a way of remembering the successes and forgetting the losses. It’s why most of them claim that they have broken even over their lifetime, even though they are in the red. After all, if all gamblers making these claims were telling the truth, the casinos and sports betting sites would be out of business!

To control your spending, set realistic budgets every day/session, week, and month. These budgets should be followed to the letter. If you exceed your budget for the day, stop gambling. If you exceed your budget for the month, take a break and wait for the next month to arrive.

Stick with certified developers

Always stick with certified developers, ones that have the licenses to prove they are legitimate and can be trusted.

This accounts for most of the developers you know and love, including the likes of NetEnt, Playtech, and Microgaming. However, there are a few developers that are a little less trustworthy, as well as ones that allow their licensees (the casinos) to set the payout.

It’s something that used to happen with fruit machines in pubs, but it shouldn’t happen in the online gambling industry. Focus on the best and most trusted developers and ignore all of the others.

Know when the odds are against you

Whether you’re playing online casino games, slots, poker, or placing bets on sports, it’s important to know when the odds are in your favor and when they are clearly working against you.

Know what your chances of success are and always play for the best possible outcomes. That means not staking your entire chip stack on landing a single river card in poker and not betting everything on American Roulette. Take more of a pragmatic approach to gambling and you’ll notice that things go your way more often.

It doesn’t guarantee success, but it certainly improves your outcome.

Don’t get distracted by big offers

Casinos love to offer big Welcome Bonuses and games love big, eye-catching features. But those casinos are there to make a profit and those games always have a house edge. You should still collect these offers and benefit from these features when you can, but it’s important not to let them distract you.

For instance, some developers use seemingly generous features and jackpots to distract you from games that have a very low house edge. Oftentimes, the most boring games have the best Return to Player average, which means they give you the best chance of winning.

Check genuine reviews before joining

Does the casino have any reviews from users and trusted critics? These things are essential, as there are a lot of suspicious casinos out there that only have clearly fake reviews. These reviews are usually all positive and they are all posted in the same time period. If you read them, you won’t see anything of substance and there are almost no criticisms.

We can be overly critical at times, but that’s because we’re countering all the BS that’s out there and trying to be a little more honest. These are the sort of reviews that you need to look for when verifying the legitimacy and value of an online betting site.

Look for certified casinos

There are a lot of influencers out there flashing their cars and cash and claiming that their success is the result of sports betting. They usually claim to have an effective strategy or an unbeatable method and they will even post their successful bets to prove this. The goal is to make you pay for those same tips, but it’s all nonsense. They avoid posting their losses and rely on desperation and greed to sell their courses.

Ask yourself this: If they really did have an effective strategy for guaranteed success, would they really be willing to sell it all for a few quid?

Don’t pay for tips and predictions

There are a lot of influencers out there flashing their cars and cash and claiming that their success is the result of sports betting. They usually claim to have an effective strategy or an unbeatable method and they will even post their successful bets to prove this. The goal is to make you pay for those same tips, but it’s all nonsense. They avoid posting their losses and rely on desperation and greed to sell their courses.

Ask yourself this: If they really did have an effective strategy for guaranteed success, would they really be willing to sell it all for a few quid?

Don’t listen to “guaranteed strategies”

There is no such thing as a guaranteed way to win when it comes to casino gambling. There are effective strategies like the Martingale, but it’s far from foolproof and most of the time it just helps you to break even. Be very wary of books and websites that promise to provide you with expert strategies, especially if those books aren’t free and the websites are hidden behind paywalls.

Trust us on this—if someone has thought of a way to legally beat the casino, the casino has thought of a way to beat them. Casinos are in the business of making money, and while you can win with luck, there are no strategies for consistent success.

Read the fine print

Always read the small print—it’s advice that applies to all walks of life and one that is especially important when collecting casino bonuses.

Some of the most common complaints about online casinos concerns welcome bonuses, and most are the result are misunderstandings from players who didn’t read the terms and conditions. They miss out because of minimum deposits, excluded payment methods, and the insistence that players contact customer support to unlock the bonuses.

The terms aren’t that long and once you know what you’re looking for, you can skim them. You should never skip them completely though as there could be some very important terms hiding away in there.

Learn how to play craps

Craps is a fantastic game to play if you’re looking for something that offers great odds and a range of betting options. It can be a little difficult and even overwhelming for new players, as there is a lot to take in and it’s not really similar to other casino games. But if you can wrap your head around those rules and features, you’ll discover one of the best games in the casino.

Craps is a game that can be played virtually or via Live Casinos. If you are new and still learning, you should stick with the former as you will have more time to learn the rules.

Spectate Live Casino games

Live Casino games are a little different from virtual games. The main difference is that there is a timer and you can’t simply wait and take as much time as you need. As a result, it’s very easy for inexperienced players to get overwhelmed and when that happens, they could find themselves gambling more money than they can afford and taking much bigger risks than they should.

To avoid these issues, simply spectate a few games before you make any wagers. You are not obligated to play and are more than welcome to just sit back, watch the games unfold, and see how other players do it.

Play low house edge and strategy games

When you gamble in an online casino, you’re playing against the house and the house always has the edge. It’s where the saying, “The house always wins” comes from. But there are alternatives. For instance, if you play games like poker, it’s just you against another player. There is a third-party casino/operator involved, but they merely take a cut of the pot and don’t actually compete in the hand itself.

If you can’t play these games, you should look for low house edge games, including baccarat, blackjack, and French roulette. These games still lean in the house’s favour, but not as much as some other casino games.

Write your deposit off straight away

One of the worst things you can do as a gambler is to start planning how you will spend your winnings. Once you make a deposit, you should assume that the money has already been lost. It might seem a little counterintuitive, but that way you detach yourself from the emotion of the money. As a result, you’ll be less angry when you lose and will be less prone to highly charged emotional reactions, such as wagering more money and chasing your losses.

Make your deposit, stop assuming that the money is yours, and as the old saying goes, don’t count your chickens before they hatch.

Don’t check loyalty points too often

Don’t check your loyalty points every time you deposit and don’t keep refreshing your balance while playing. Just let them build up and drop by to check on them every couple of weeks or so. If you get too obsessed with building loyalty points, you’ll start taking unnecessary risks just to increase your balance, and that’s exactly what the casino wants.

A loyalty program should be treated like a passive bonus, something that builds without you really paying much attention to it. This is especially true for small stake players and casual players; in which case you’re not gambling enough money to accumulate many points and shouldn’t bother checking too much.

Don’t gamble just to earn loyalty points

Loyalty schemes are great, especially for medium stake players and high rollers. However, they should always be seen as an added extra, and not as the main reason you’re playing. In other words, you should look for happy hours (when points are doubled) and collect your rewards, but you should never deposit and play just so you can increase your points.

Those loyalty points are not worth the added risk. In the grand scheme of things, they make a very small difference, so if you’re increasing your wager and risk just to collect points, you’re playing right into the casino’s hands.

Avoid public WIFI when gambling online

Unsecured public WIFI connections can be hacked and hijacked. Most of the time, this just leads to a few compromised social media accounts and means that hackers can read the terrible puns you send your friends. But if you’re connecting to these networks for the purposes of online gambling, you could be exposing your accounts and the money within.

If you’re gambling on the go, make sure you only use secured connections. It doesn’t matter how tempted you are or how bored you are. If your only option is to connect through an unsecured public WIFI connection, it’s best to leave your gaming until you get home and can gamble securely.

Watch out for win limits on free spins

Free spin promotions are a great way to play some free slots and pick up some winnings. But they’re not all that they seem. You probably know about wagering requirements, which apply to the winnings, and we’ve also warned you about free spin values in the past, but what you might not know is that these bonuses often have cash out/win limits.

These limits restrict how much you can win from a single spin, batch of spins, or a bonus. It stops you from landing a jackpot win and walking away with the spoils. Check the terms and conditions to see if your chosen bonus has any of these terms.

Always meet the minimum deposit for bonuses

All bonuses have minimum deposit requirements and these occasionally differ from the site’s minimum deposit. For instance, the site might allow all deposits of €10 or more, but the welcome bonus or reload bonus could require a minimum of €20. This means that you’ll be allowed to deposit €10 or €15 but doing so will exclude you from the bonus.

These terms can be found in the bonus small print, usually listed at the bottom of the promotion banner/announcement. If you can’t find it there, take a look at the bonus terms and conditions. It’s usually one of the first terms, so you won’t need to look hard to find it.

Bet enough to qualify for the jackpots

Progressive jackpots occasionally have very specific stake requirements. In most cases, including Mega Moolah and the Age of the Gods jackpot, you just need to wager the minimum amount and take a spin. Everyone can win, but the more you wager, the greater your chance of success will be.

In some games, however, players must wager more than a specific amount to qualify for the jackpot. You can learn more about the minimum wager in the game’s paytable/info screen. It will tell you exactly how much you should be betting in order to spin for the progressive jackpot, and if you want to play these games, you must meet those targets.

Check the paytable

All slot games have a paytable, often listed with an “Info” button or simply with the letter “i”. If you click this, you can learn all about the slot’s payouts, paylines, rules, bonus features, and more. Have you ever found yourself enduring a long and dull slot just because you want to see what the bonus feature is like? If you check the paytable, you’ll learn all about it.

Paytables will also clarify confusing features and tell you how much you must wager to qualify for the progressive jackpot. Some of them even list the slot’s volatility and RTP—there’s a lot of info in that paytable!

Stay sober

It’s never a good idea to gamble drunk or under the influence of drugs. Not only will you be prone to making costly mistakes, but you could also find yourself depositing and gambling money that you don’t have and can’t afford to lose. The only thing worse than waking up with a hangover is waking up with a hangover and the realisation that you’re heavily in debt and have cleared out your savings account.

Stay sober, stay sharp, and keep your wits about you at all times. There’s a reason that land-based casinos often give their players free drinks, and it’s not because they really like them and want to show their appreciation.

Play the table games you like

Play the games that you enjoy playing. It should go without saying, but many players force themselves to play the games that have the biggest bonuses, the most attractive jackpots, or the best house edge. All of these things are important, but gambling is something you do for fun, not to make money.

Where’s the fun in playing games that you don’t like, games that bore you? If you’re worried about high house edges on the games that you enjoy, then look for the most profitable bets. There are always optimized ways of playing casino games, even when the games themselves are not very player friendly.

Play poker freerolls

Poker freerolls are available on most poker sites and are a great way to learn the game and earn yourself a few quid in the process. The pot sizes are usually no more than a £100 or so and even those sizes only apply to large tournaments. But they are completely free to enter—you have nothing to lose.

What’s also very interesting is that poker freerolls are full of very tight players who are desperate to win something. They can be very tough to beat. Sure, you get the usual “all-ins” on every hand, but they typically disappear after the first half-hour or so, leaving tough players in their wake.

Avoid credit card gambling

Credit card gambling was banned in the United Kingdom in 2020, and not without reason. It’s one of the worst ways that you can gamble, but there are still thousands of non-UK gamblers making deposits using this method.

Not only are you gambling with credit and potentially losing money you don’t have, but you’ll be hit with sizeable fees and charges. Casino deposits are treated as cash withdrawals, which means you’ll be charged a cash withdrawal fee, just like when you use a credit card to withdraw cash from an ATM. You’ll also be hit with penalty APR charges, and that applies even if you pay your balance every month.

Avoid Pay By Mobile/Boku

Pay By Mobile services are a form of credit gambling, as your deposits are charged to your phone bill, which is usually paid at the end of the month. It’s a method that hasn’t been outlawed in the UK, even though credit card gambling has, and it’s one that you should never use.

There are several issues with this method. Firstly, you’re charged a fee for using the service, usually about £2.50 for a deposit. Secondly, you’re limited to small amounts, typically no more than £20. Last but not least, you can’t use it to withdraw, only to deposit. The negatives far outweigh the positives, so it’s best to avoid this method.

Gamble offline when you get a chance

Whenever you get the chance, take your gambling offline. Play in a live poker tournament. Try your hand at the blackjack tables. Walk into a bookmaker and place a few bets.

Gamblers tend to be more careful when playing with cash in a real gambling setting. Things also move at a more leisurely pace, and this helps to put things into perspective and teach them things about their favourite games that they may have missed.

It also broadens your horizons a little and you may discover some games, features, rules, or strategies that you previously overlooked in the high-pace world of online gambling.

Always look for the license

All casinos and sportsbooks should be licensed. There are no exceptions. If you are joining from a region where online gambling is legal, then you should only join licensed sites. The regulator should also be relevant for your region. For instance, if you are in the United Kingdom then you can only join sites regulated by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission.

Not all regions have their own regulators, and the Curacao and Malta authorities regulate sites that can be accessed by gamblers in dozens of countries around the world. It’s important to learn these things before you join and deposit.

Play in bingo newbie rooms

If you’re playing bingo and are relatively new to the game, look for sites that have newbie rooms. These are very common and are often provided in addition to a bonus or instead of one.

A newbie room is basically the bingo version of a freeroll. All players in the room are invited to collect tickets for free and play games that have very small prizes. They can play a fixed number of games every day and will have access for several days or a week on average. It’s a great way to learn the game and you could also pick up a few quid in the process. Just don’t expect any big wins.

Leave bad reviews when complaints don’t work

Are your complaints falling on deaf ears? Do you feel like the customer support team just isn’t listening to you? It’s a common issue, and one you’ll see even on the biggest and best gambling sites.

If this is happening to you, consider leaving a bad review somewhere that the site can actually see it. The teams that are tasked with reading and responding to these reviews are not the same as the ones that deal with customer support queries. They often have more power and should be able to help you. They’ll also be keen to show others that they listen and to convince you to change your review.

Look for loyalty point happy hours

If you’re a high roller making frequent trips to your favourite online casino, keep an eye out for happy hours. These are periods in which you can earn twice as many loyalty points, effectively doubling the rewards you receive. This doesn’t really mean much if you’re a small stakes gambler, but it could make a huge difference for someone in the final tiers of a major loyalty program.

Don’t gamble just for the sake of it, but if you were going to play at 4pm and there is a happy hour at 7pm, consider delaying your session time to maximise your return.

Complain if you need to

If you have a bad experience with an online casino or sportsbook, complain. Don’t just sit there looking grumpy and then telling all of your friends how horrible they were—do something about it! Gambling sites have systems in place to ensure that issues are dealt with and players are happy.

It might not seem like it, but trust us, those systems exist. If you can’t get anywhere complaining to the casino directly, try an independent adjudicator like IBAS or eCOGRA. If they are not a member of either of these services, go through the regulator. There is always someone who is willing to listen and can hold the site accountable.

Don’t rush it

Always take your time when gambling online. Everything moves fast in this industry, much faster than it does in a real casino or sportsbook, and that can be disorientating. Combine this with the fact that your money is just a number on a screen, and it’s easy to disconnect yourself from reality. It’s one of the reasons why problem gambling is much more prevalent in the digital age.

Take a breath. Give yourself time to think. Don’t rush into anything. Whether you’re playing slots, virtual table games, or scratch cards, you basically have unlimited time. And even if you’re playing online poker, Live Casino games, or placing sports bets, you always have more time than you think you do.

Ask the dealer if you don’t know

Live dealers are there to help you. If you’re not sure how the game works or need a little direction, ask them using the chat box. You may also receive a response from other players. Just remember to abide by casino etiquette at all times and to never use this feature or harass the dealers. You should also refrain from asking the dealer for tips or wagering advice, as they are not allowed to tell you.

In other words, they can tell you that you need to click on your chips and then the table to place a bet, but they can’t tell you that you should fold instead of stand or that you should bet everything on black.

Look for timed jackpots

Timed jackpots are ones that are set to release by a specific period each day. These jackpots are often released by casinos and operators and are available to everyone who plays qualifying games. You can also find them on series like Kingdoms Rise from Playtech.

Kingdoms Rise has a daily jackpot that must be triggered by midnight. It also has a weekly jackpot that must be collected before the end of the week. If the jackpots are still available when there are just a couple of hours left, as they often are, then that’s the time you should be playing them. And if they are still available with minutes remaining, it’s time to increase your spin speed.

Play for smaller jackpots

Smaller jackpots, including the Mini jackpots offered by progressive systems—such as Age of the Gods from Playtech—are triggered much more often than the big jackpots. In some instances, they are released several times a day. Playing for these jackpots, as well as jackpots tied to Drop & Win promotions, makes more sense than playing for the big ones.

Always aim small when it comes to jackpots and treat anything else as a bonus. In other words, your goal is to secure those Drop & Win promotions or win small progressive jackpot promotions, but if that means also playing for a 6-figure sum, then it’s an added extra.

Take your poker play offline every now and then

If you’re an online poker player, consider taking your play offline every now and then. Live poker tournaments require a different level of skill, as well as a great deal more patience. You might discover that you’re better offline than you are online. You could also learn from the players around you—it never hurts to mingle with fellow gamblers.

Online poker moves at a rapid pace and everything happens automatically, so much so that many players still don’t fully grasp the most basic of rules. Playing a few offline poker tournaments every now and then will make you a better player.

Reduce your stake when you’re losing

For many players, the first reaction to a losing streak is to gamble more money and start chasing losses, but this is the worst thing that you can do. As soon as you start chasing losses, you start down a very slippery slope that could end with heavy losses and a high risk of gambling addiction.

Instead, reduce your stake, slow down, and think more. Once you get back into the swing of things, you can think about increasing again. This is especially important for games that rely on strategy and patience, including poker. It should also be employed as a sports betting tactic.

Focus on loyalty schemes if you’re a high roller

You simply can’t ignore loyalty schemes if you are a high roller. Anyone who deposits and wagers more than €500 a month can benefit greatly from these programs, and the more you wager, the greater those benefits will become.

Loyalty schemes are structured so that everyone can benefit, but if you’re only gambling small amounts of money it may take several months before you unlock any perks and those perks will be minor at best.

The best loyalty schemes have multiple levels, including elite levels that are open the biggest spenders. Once you make it into these levels, you’ll get VIP event tickets, free gifts, and even cash.

Stick with sites that respond to user reviews and complaints

Always look for casinos, sportsbooks, poker sites, and bingo sites that take the time to respond to bad reviews and complaints from customers. Not only does it show that they actually care about their customers, even when they already have their money and custom, but it also gives you recourse for action if you ever have an issue with the site.

You know, for instance, that if the customer support team won’t listen, you can let your thoughts be known in a complaint or negative review and get their attention that way. This is something that few players focus on but something that makes a huge difference.

Read sports betting predictions…

…But take them with a pinch of salt. Even the experts get it wrong, and some of them get it wrong more frequently than a simple coinflip. There are many variables at play in the average sporting contest. You can look at form, but you can’t account for players who just aren’t having a good day, nor can you consider the run of play, momentum, and luck—all of these things play a role and none of them can be accurately predicted.

By all means read predictions, but don’t take them as gospel and always be ready to make up your own mind.

Try build-a-bet features

Build-a-bet, bet builder, create-a-bet—these features go by many names, but they all operate on the same principle. The idea is that you can form an accumulator bet using multiple wagers from the same game. In the past, this wasn’t possible as there were too many complicated variables at play, but these days it couldn’t be easier.

It’s a great way to reduce your stake and increase your potential payout. For instance, in a game between Liverpool and Man Utd, you could add BTTS, Over 2.5 Goals, Over 12.5 Corners, and Over 5.5 Cards to the bet builder, getting massive odds in return.

Try request-a-bet

Request-a-bet features are now being employed by a number of sports betting sites. There was a time when making a custom bet required you to walk into a bookmaker, make a suggestion, and then wait for the odds. These days, you can email them or send them a message on Twitter.

The oddsmakers will consider your bet and then create some odds. In most cases, it will then be added to their site for other punters to place their wagers. William Hill is one of the pioneers when it comes to request-a-bet features, but they are available on many other sites as well.

Place sports bets in-play

In-play betting is one of the greatest innovations in modern sports betting. It has been around for a number of years now, but there are still many bettors ignoring it in favour of traditional pre-match wagers.

By utilising in-play betting, you can place your bets as the action unfolds, allowing you to respond in real-time. Rather than lumping your money on a single team or player beforehand, wait to see how they play and if they’re having an off day, change your bet. That’s what in-play betting is all about.

Know when to quit

As the song goes, you need to know when to fold them. And that doesn’t just apply to poker—it’s true for all forms of gambling. Being able to walk away from the table or close those virtual slot windows is vital if you want to avoid the slippery slope of problem gambling.

If you hit a losing streak, you might assume that you’re due a win and so you keep playing. But the house edge doesn’t change, the odds are still against you, and now you’re frustrated and angry, so you’re taking bigger risks and playing right into the operator’s hands.

Look for the right slot tournaments

Look for the right slot tournaments.

Slot tournaments are a great way to boost your earnings, but the terms of these promotions can differ greatly and it’s important to check them before you play.

Some tournaments reward you based on your total stake. These promotions are perfect for high rollers and are basically an easy way to pick up some extra cash. If you’re a small stakes player, however, you’re better off elsewhere and simply won’t get any cash from these promotions.

Small stake players should look for tournaments that reward points based on win ratios, as these are not reliant on the size of your stake.

Stop, breathe, and play slowly

Stop, breathe, and play slowly.

In 2020, the UK Gambling Commission introduced new laws that slowed down the rate at which slot machines could be spun. It seemed like a minor change, but it’s one that will make a big difference.

When it comes to gambling, we tend to rely too much on our hunches and impulses. We think that the best decision is the quickest one. In reality, gamblers lose less and win more when they think about their decisions. So, if you find yourself clicking “Spin” erratically or making big bets with little forethought, stop, slow down, and think about your actions.

If it sounds too good to be true…

If it sounds too good to be true…

It’s a cliché, but it’s a cliché for a reason, and it’s one you should pay attention to as an online casino gambler or sports bettor. If there is a bonus that looks a little too good to be true, it probably is. Scammers appeal to the greed that exists in all of us and they rely on the fact that some players might be desperate.

The result is that players overlook red flags and warning signs and focus only on the big numbers. If you ever find yourself thinking something along the lines of, “It looks a little dodgy, but the bonus is fantastic”, then stop, take stock, and try to be logical about it.

Use GamStop if you need it

Use GamStop if you need it.

Deposit limits and self-exclusions can only take you so far. They seem like a great idea in the heat of the moment and they may even be enough to stop your reckless behaviour in its tracks. But when the urge strikes you again, you’ll simply look for a new online casino or revert to using your minor deposit limits on all the casinos you’re a member of, essentially forming a big deposit from lots of small ones.

If you find yourself falling into these habits, check out services like GamStop. These services apply gambling restrictions industry-wide, as opposed to single casinos and sportsbooks. It means that you can’t take those big risks or make those costly mistakes and will be forced to adhere to a true self-exclusion.

Don’t buy into tips and betting strategies

Don’t buy into tips and betting strategies.

As we have noted previously on this site, some well-known betting strategies are effective. Basic Blackjack Strategy, for instance, is based on probabilities and odds, and ensures that you make the best move every time. As for the Martingale strategy, it works well on games like Roulette, although it’s more about not losing than winning.

However, many of the tips and supposedly “fool proof” strategies being sold by so-called professional gamblers are cons. They only show their most successful bets and often fudge the numbers to appear more successful than they actually are.

Don’t listen to them and don’t waste your money on them. If they really were as good as they claim, they wouldn’t sell their tips/strategies and risk diluting the markets or drawing attention to their methods.

Learn about “tilt”

Learn about “tilt”.

Do you know what “tilt” is? It’s an expression often used in poker, but it refers to something that can be found in all forms of gambling.

A person is “tilting” when they start reacting angrily and emotionally to a bad beat or losing streak. They let their emotions get the better of them and they start making bets that they wouldn’t usually make, whether that means going all-in on every poker hand or increasing their wager on every slot spin.

Recognise when you are tilting and try to keep it under control. Those bad beats can hit hard, and they are difficult to overcome, but if you can master this then your results should improve.

Don’t gamble to win

Don’t gamble to win.

As soon as you start thinking that you must gamble so you can win some money, whether to help you with a college fund, holiday fun, or a purchase, you’re heading down a very slippery slope.

Winning is a big part of the process. It’s what gives you the rush that all gamblers seek. But if you want to gamble responsibly, you need to focus more on the act of gambling itself, as well as the joy that it brings.

See the money you’re spending in the same context as the cash you spend during a night on the town or a trip to the cinema. It should be something that facilitates an enjoyable experience, with the winnings seen as a bonus and not a vital part of the process.

Check the withdrawal limits

Check the withdrawal limits.

All casino bonuses, and all casinos, have withdrawal limits. These aren’t just for high rollers, either, and you should check these limits before you sign up and deposit.

Withdrawal limits can vary from between €10,000 a month to over €50,000 a day, and some casinos don’t have any limits whatsoever. It’s a pretty broad range, and if you’re a high roller, it’s one that could seriously impact your enjoyment of an online casino.

The good news is that withdrawal limits don’t include progressive jackpots, as they are paid by the developer and not the casino. The bad news is that they include fixed jackpots.

Get some accountability

Get some accountability.

If you’re worried that you might be gambling too much and are hiding your activities from your loved ones, it’s time to get some accountability.

There are a few ways that you can do this. For instance, you could only gamble from a joint account. That way, your partner will have access to all statements and will know how much you deposited and how much was returned. You could also give them access to your gambling accounts so that they can see the proof for themselves.

These things might seem minor, but if you know that someone could be watching, you will be less inclined to make large and risky deposits.

Join the casino’s newsletter

Join the casino’s newsletter.

Newsletters are annoying, and there’s a good chance that you get way more of these than you need or requested. But sometimes, they contain valuable information. Such is the case with online casinos and sportsbooks.

Gambling sites use newsletters to announce exclusive bonuses. If you haven’t deposited in a while or there is a big event coming up, you may get an email with a unique code. That code will give you some extra bonus cash, something that you would miss if you weren’t a member of the newsletter.

If it gets too annoying and they just use it to announce new games, you can unsubscribe.

Be realistic about your gambling

Be realistic about your gambling.

Don’t gamble more than you can afford to and always deposit with the knowledge that you may never see those funds again.

Many novice gamblers use slots, table games, and sports betting as a way to get some extra cash. They convince themselves that they can win, and as a result, they get angry and depressed when they lose.

With poker, they often trick themselves into thinking that they are better than they actually are and this leads to costly mistakes. With sports betting, they think they know it all and can turn this costly hobby into a side hustle.

The vast majority of gamblers lose. Exceptions are rare, and you’re probably not one of them.

Don’t automatically accept all bonuses that you’re offered

Don’t automatically accept all bonuses that you’re offered.

Casino bonuses have both pros and cons. They are not just free money, and in some situations, they simply aren’t worth the hassle. Stop accepting them straight away and start rethinking your attitude toward them.

For instance, if you have a lot of cash in your account and accept a minor bonus, it will stop you from withdrawing that money and force you to adhere to strict wagering requirements, even though the bonus credits are insignificant.

Always check the bonus Terms and Conditions and pay close attention to the pros and cons of these offers.

Always check the bonus Terms & Conditions

Always check the bonus Terms & Conditions.

Casinos are forced to adhere to strict rules when it comes to bonuses. They must declare all of the key terms and can’t hide any of these from the player. However, that doesn’t mean they need to make those declarations on the banner, where you can see them.

Most of the time, the important terms are tucked away in the small print or the bonus Terms and Conditions. These terms include the wagering requirements, cash out limits, deposit limits, and whether there are restrictions on certain countries or payment methods.

All of these terms are important and should be read before you accept a bonus.

Know the rules of your country

Know the rules of your country.

Are online casinos legal where you are? Is there a local authority or are casinos in your country regulated by authorities in countries like Malta and Curacao? These are important questions, and all players should know the answer to them.

Players are rarely—if ever—prosecuted for playing on online casinos, even if they are not legal where they are. However, you need to know which regulator oversees the casino and whether or not you can get help from an independent adjudicator.

Online gambling is legal in many countries around the world, but some of them adopt a very strict stance.

Use betting exchanges instead of sportsbooks

Use betting exchanges instead of sportsbooks.

If you’re used to sportsbooks, betting exchanges may seem a little daunting and confusing. There’s a lot happening, and a lot that you need to think about, but they will always give you better odds and more opportunities than you can find on sportsbooks.

Learn how to Bet and how to Lay. Check to see if there is a minimum bet and spend some time getting used to the site, making sure you know what’s going on.

One of the things you need to remember is that betting exchanges don’t have the massive matched deposit bonuses you can find on sportsbooks and online casinos, but you shouldn’t let this deter you.

Try your hand at matched betting

Try your hand at matched betting.

There are very few gambling strategies that actually work and even fewer that give you a guaranteed return. Matched betting is one such strategy. It’s not easy to implement and it generates such a minimum return for such a massive time investment that you’ll wonder why you aren’t just working. However, it works, and for some players, it can generate a good return.

In simple terms, matched betting involves using Free Bets and bonus cash to place bets on two 50/50 outcomes, ensuring that you will win no matter what happens. It only works for sportsbooks.

Shop around

Shop around.

It doesn’t matter how much you love the online casino or sportsbook that you use right now, there are always reasons to try other sites. New sportsbooks may offer better odds or promotions, as well as betting markets that you can’t find elsewhere. Online casinos may accept preferred payment methods, pay faster withdrawals, or offer games that your current casino doesn’t.

There’s nothing stopping you from signing up to multiple sites, accepting a variety of bonuses, and then returning to use those sites whenever you feel like it. In fact, most gamblers have joined dozens if not hundreds of sites during their lives.

Don’t bet on the “Tie” in Baccarat

Don’t bet on the “Tie” in Baccarat.

Baccarat is one of the best games of chance that you can play in the casino, which is why it is so popular with professional poker players and other diehard gamblers. Betting on the Player or the Banker options will return odds that are much greater than what you will find on games of Craps, Roulette, and slots.

However, not all bets are weighted equally and if you want to keep those odds firmly in your favour, you need to avoid the Tie. On the one hand, the Tie option will give you more money than any other. At the same time, though, the probability is very low, hovering around 10%. For comparison, American Roulette is 5.25% and French Roulette is 1.35%—lower is always better.

Look for French Roulette

Look for French Roulette.

French Roulette has the lowest house edge of any game of Roulette. In fact, the odds on French Roulette are lower than many other games of chance. As a result, this is the game that you should be playing if you want the best chance of winning.

American Roulette is the opposite. It has an additional green zero space and this means the house has a much greater edge. Traditionally, French Roulette also includes rules like “in prison” that give players an extra chance to win on a spin that would be an immediate loss elsewhere.

If you want to play Roulette, make sure it’s French Roulette or even European Roulette.

Look for the best video poker variants

Look for the best video poker variants.

Video poker is not as much of a skill-based game as PvP poker. There is no bluffing and it’s entirely reliant on the hands that you get, with the edge firmly in favour of the house. That doesn’t mean you should avoid the game, as it can be more skilled-based than other casino games, but you should be careful of the variant you play.

Look for video poker variants that offer the highest RTP or the lowest house edge. These games may not have the flashiest features or bonuses. They may not even have the biggest jackpots. But on the whole, they will give you a greater return over the long run, and that’s really all that matters.

Look for Switch Blackjack

Look for Switch Blackjack.

Switch Blackjack is one of the best Blackjack games out there and it has one of the lowest house edges that you can find. Switch Blackjack was created by Playtech and can be found in the “Table Game” section of many Playtech online casinos.

What makes Switch Blackjack so special is the fact you can play two hands at once and switch the cards between those two hands as desired. Obviously, other areas of the game have been tweaked in the casino’s favour, otherwise it would be a player edge and not a house edge, but on the whole, it is a balanced game that gives players a high chance to win.

Be wary of American Roulette

Be wary of American Roulette.

If you like American Roulette, by all means play it. We’re not here to tell you what you should and shouldn’t do. However, you should be aware that the house edge on American Roulette is much higher than other variants of this game. It’s also over 5x higher than the best variants of Baccarat and Blackjack.

You can still win. You can even win big. However, this higher house edge means you’re relying more on luck to tilt things in your favour.

As an online gambler, the purpose is to keep the odds as low as possible, and if you’re playing American Roulette, you’ve failed before you take your first spin.

Stick around

Stick around.

Although there are many reasons to consider joining new sites and seeing what else is out there, it’s equally important to find a good casino/sportsbook that will become your preferred destination.

Staying with a site for the long-term will provide you with an array of bonuses and perks, and some of these are better than the high value Welcome Bonuses you get when you first join. For instance, the best sites offer cashback, reload bonuses, regular Free Spins, and even VIP perks to their most loyal customers. You may also get faster cashouts, not to mention the trust and reliability that comes from maintaining such a long-term relationship.

Study blackjack variants

Study blackjack variants and see what’s available.

Blackjack is one of the best games that you can play if you’re looking for a high return. After all, the house edge on Blackjack is lower than any other game in the casino. However, that doesn’t apply to all variants and you should never assume that it does.

The house edge on games of Classic Blackjack and Switch Blackjack can be half that of Spanish 21 and Pontoon. The differences in-game may seem slight, but they push the odds firmly in the favour of the casino and make it harder for you to get a consistent return.

In addition to Classic Blackjack and Switch Blackjack, some of the games to look out for include Double Xposure.

Don’t try to bypass gambling laws

Don’t try to bypass gambling laws.

This should seem like an obvious statement to make, but with the advent of cryptocurrency casinos and VPNs, many players are trying to get around gambling restrictions. They turn on their VPN and deposit with Bitcoin to avoid the casino tracking them. However, it’s one of the worst things that you can do.

Eventually, the casino will ask you to verify your details. When that happens, they will discover where you’re from, at which point your account will be closed and you could lose the funds within. You’ll also miss out on the protections usually offered to online gamblers, so there’s not much you can do if the casino decides to block you and keep your cash.

Stick with legal online casinos available in your country.

Always compare odds

Always compare odds before making big bets.

Experienced sports bettors will often join multiple sites and keep active balances. It’s partly down to the promotions that these sites offer, but it also has a lot to do with their odds.

If you want to place a big bet on an upcoming football game, the first thing you should do is visit a comparison site like OddsChecker. It will tell you which betting site is offering the best odds on your preferred market. Once you find the best one, simply log in and place the bet.

The differences can be slight, but it all adds up, especially for high rollers. 3.10 may not seem much better than 3.00, but with a €1,000 bet, the second option will give you €100 extra.

Play slot tournaments

Play slot tournaments.

Slot tournaments are a great way to increase your earnings during a session on an online casino. You’re going to be playing those slot games anyway, so why not get some extra cash for it?

Slot tournaments work by giving you points every time you make a wager or win. Those points are then added together and used to establish your place in a leaderboard. The players at the top of that leaderboard will earn a payout, one that usually consists of Free Spins, bonus credits, cash, or a mixture of all these things.

You will find slot tournaments on the best online casinos, including the ones at the top of our list.

Understand player-vs-player and player-vs-casino

Understand player-vs-player and player-vs-casino.

There are two types of online casino game, and understanding the difference is key.

In a player-vs-player game, it’s you against another player and the casino earns its fee by taking a small cut (known as a “rake”) from each pot or by charging an admission fee (known as a “buy-in”). Poker is the most common of these games, but it’s also a format used in competitive gaming, backgammon, and even rummy.

The most common type of casino game is player-vs-casino. In such cases, it’s just you vs the casino and the operator guarantees a profit by stacking the cards in its favour.

Learn Basic Blackjack Strategy

Learn Basic Blackjack Strategy.

Do you know what Basic Blackjack Strategy is? If not, and you play Blackjack on a regular basis, you’re making a big mistake.

Basic Blackjack Strategy is a system of preferred moves that can help you to gain an edge over the casino. It means you will stop playing on “feeling” and “hunches” and start using something that actually makes sense. With Basic Blackjack Strategy, it’s all about probability, and if you’ve been losing a lot of money on the Blackjack tables, this strategy will open your eyes.

Unlike the Gambler’s Fallacy or other nonsense strategies, Basic Blackjack Strategy is proven to work.

Always gamble within your means

Always gamble within your means.

It’s a tip that you will hear a lot in this industry, and not without reason.

It means that you should never gamble more than you can afford to lose. Think of it more in the context of a night-out. If you wake up with a hangover and £100 less in your wallet, will you be more concerned about the headache or the money? If it’s the latter, you spent too much. If the expenditure means nothing, you’re spending within your means.

The same is true for gambling. No one likes to lose money, but if you’re stressing about it and getting annoyed, you’re gambling too much.

Random Number Generator (RNG)

Do you know what a Random Number Generator (RNG) is? Do you know how they are certified and how to check this certification? What about brands like eCOGRA? These things are unfamiliar to the average casino player, but if you want to increase your return when playing online casino games and making sports bets, you need to learn about these things.

We have a range of guides to help you out, showing you how an RNG works, why it’s safe and fair, and why certification is so important. Check out our guides for more information and make sure you’re fully prepared before you join your next casino and play your next game.

Play games of Baccarat

Play games of Baccarat.

The game of Baccarat is very popular among skill-game players, such as Poker players. There is no skill involved and unlike Poker, patience won’t help you. However, if you stick with Player and Banker bets (avoiding the Tie), you will find some of the best odds in the casino.

The house edge on these bets is close to a fifth less than American Roulette and they are around half that of French and European Roulette, putting Baccarat on par with high-RTP games like Blackjack.

It’s a game of chance, but it’s one of the best you can play.

Reduce your stake and bet on accumulators

Reduce your stake and bet on accumulators.

Imagine you’re an expert in the EPL. You have been watching it for years and stay up to date with injuries, new signings, and form.

If you add every game during every gameday to an accumulator, how many correct accumulators do you think you’ll get over the course of the season? 2, 3? Most fans will be confident they can get at least 1, but the reality is that they would only need 1 correct 10 game accumulator every 5+ seasons (on average) to be in profit. The odds vary from upwards of 100/1 to over 10,000/1!

Use your knowledge and stick with low stake accumulators.

Bet low when you’re losing and high when you’re winning

Bet low when you’re losing and high when you’re winning.

This rule applies to games of skill and patience, like poker. It’s the opposite of what the average player does, but it’s something that skilled players do.
high when you’re winning.
When they are winning, their confidence is high, they are on a good run, and they have a certain aura of invincibility around the poker table. When the opposite is true, they start taking bigger risks, losing more money, and getting dangerously close to the dreaded “tilt”.

Follow this rule to get back on track and to focus on your game, as opposed to taking big and unnecessary risks.

Start small

Always start small when playing poker.

There is a lot to learn, and you will learn it in time. But when you’re first getting started, you will lose more than you win. It’s all about the experience at this point, so keep those stakes small, play as many freerolls as you can, and study the game.

It might seem like a very straightforward game, and one that relies heavily on luck. But the more you know, the more you realize that’s simply not the case. In time, you will learn the many nuances of the game and will come to discover which hands to play and which ones to avoid, how to bluff, and how to maximise your returns when you have the best possible hand.

Look for skill games

Look for skill games.

The more skill that the game requires, the greater your chance of winning will be.

Casino games are open to everyone and they are created so that even players who don’t know what they’re doing have a chance of winning. If you can find one such game and actually know what you’re doing, your odds of winning increase considerably.

Poker is the best example, but there are other games like this out there. Oftentimes, the best skill-based games are the ones played against other players, but some games can also be played against the house, including blackjack and video poker.

A slot is never “due” a payout

A slot is never “due” a payout.

If you grew up playing slots in pubs and bars, you probably know that these machines were triggered to pay at certain intervals and that your odds of winning the jackpot were higher if it wasn’t triggered for a long time.

The same is not true for online slots.

Sure, these games have RTPs that are based on periods of wins and losses. But these calculations are made with consideration for millions of spins, and it doesn’t mean you’re “due” a win just because you’ve been on a heavy losing streak. You could just as easily continue that losing streak.

Betting strategies and poker techniques

Join forums to learn about betting strategies and poker techniques.

There are many dedicated communities out there where players exchange tips, information, strategies, and more. It always helps to have someone with whom you can discuss ideas and strategies, while also sharing tips for the latest games and talking about the biggest bonuses.

These forums don’t cost anything to join, and they are often very carefully moderated and secured to prevent against spam and fraud. You can post as much or as little as you want, and if you’re a complete newbie, you can spend some time looking around and reading posts without actually posting.

Regulators and ombudsmen

Remember there are regulators and ombudsmen to help you.

Online casino reviews are littered with terrible experiences from players who claim to have been scammed or seriously wronged. In some instances, those players genuinely have a case, and yet they don’t take things any further.

If you have a serious issue with a casino and you know that you’re right, go through the regulator or independent betting adjudicators. These services exist for a reason and while they can be slow and difficult, they are also neutral and may be able to help you. In our experience, betting adjustors are better than regulators, but both can help.

Complain if you need to

Complain if you need to.

If the casino provides you with an experience that falls way short of your expectations, it’s time to complain.

The best online casinos and sportsbooks have complaint procedures, and these exist for a reason, so use them! Even if the customer support was terrible, it’s still worth going through these processes as they are handled by different teams, ones that are much more capable and willing and won’t simply dismiss you or fob you off with Ts & Cs.

Going through one of these procedures is a must if you have had a bad experience with the site and can’t get the resolution you seek.

Leave bad reviews if they deserve it

Leave bad reviews if they deserve it.

Did a casino provide you with a terrible experience? Was the customer support staff rude? Was there any major problem with the games or your account? Many players will just leave the site and never return if they notice an issue, and that’s fine, but you should be leaving reviews/comments before you go.

If you don’t leave these reviews, the casinos won’t be encouraged to change—they won’t be held accountable. Your reviews will also serve as a warning for prospective players.

Use casino review sites to let your thoughts be known. You can also leave your opinions under Coinbuzz reviews.

Set gambling goals

Set gambling goals.

How much will you be gambling this week, month, and year? If you’re a poker player, how many tournaments are you hoping to win and what kind of return are you expecting to get? If you’re a sports better, what are your plans for the coming World Cup or the Olympics?

Setting goals is important because it encourages you to keep track and make progress, even if you’re getting there with very small steps. Gamblers often lose track of how much they are wagering and winning. They fool themselves into thinking they’re winning more and losing less, and so these goals will provide some much-needed clarity.

Join forums for support

Join forums for support.

Message boards, Facebook groups, subreddits—all of these places are great for gamblers as it helps to be surrounded by people with the same tastes, preferences, and problems. It’s good to be able to tell your stories about losing streaks and bad beats, and then read replies from fellow gamblers.

It also gives you somewhere to go if you’re struggling and feel like you’re gambling more than you should. Lifetime gamblers know the struggles of problem gambling, even if they are not full-blown addicts themselves. We’ve all been there, and these forums can give you a place to vent, read, and feel at home.

Look for unique Blackjack variants

Look for unique Blackjack variants.

When it comes to games with a low house edge, you can’t get much better than Blackjack.

The best Blackjack variants have a house edge of less than 1%, which is lower than any other game in the casino. If you learn Basic Blackjack Strategy, you can tip the odds in your favour even more. The casino will still have the edge, but that edge will be a fraction of what it is on slot machines and Roulette.

Classic Blackjack variants that use single decks are usually best, especially if they are in Live Casinos, and there is no shortage of these out there.

Learn how to play Baccarat

Learn how to play Baccarat.

Baccarat is a casino game that many casual players overlook, but it’s one that Poker players and other pros love.

Unlike Poker, there is no skill involved with games of Baccarat and you can’t win through a mixture of patience, knowledge, and skill, either. However, the house edge is very low, especially if you stick with Player or Banker bets.

If you want to stick with games that offer the best chance of success, learn how to play Baccarat. It can be played through Live Casinos, and you can also find a number of virtual variants.

Learn how to play poker

Learn how to play poker.

Online gambling is all about risk and reward. You choose the games that have the lowest risk and the highest reward, and you do everything in your power to increase your odds.

One of the best ways to do that is to stick with games of poker and always play against other players, as opposed to the house. That way, the only thing working against you is the luck of the draw, and as all players are relying on the same luck, they don’t have an edge over you during a prolonged session.

It’s also a game where knowledge, skill, strategy, and patience can lead to higher profits. So, the more you know and the more you play, the higher your profits will be.

Tell others if you have a problem

Tell others if you have a problem.

As with all other forms of addiction, the first step is admitting that you have a problem. Most problem gamblers acknowledge that to themselves, but they don’t tell anyone else. On the inside, they realize that something is wrong, and they get angry with themselves as a result. On the outside, they dismiss everything by telling people that it’s just a hobby, they don’t lose much money, and they can stop if they want.

The first step to overcoming gambling addiction is to admit to others that you have a problem. Take it one person at a time and remember that there is no shame in admitting you have an issue.

Seek help if you have a problem

Seek help if you have a problem.

Problem gamblers are less likely to seek help than alcoholics and drug addicts. It’s something that they do in private, something that they keep to themselves, but they need help and there is a lot of help out there.

There are many problem gambling organisations that can help you, whether by providing you with the resources you ned to understand the discover and yourself, or by giving you tools to help.

Self-exclusions are a great example of this and there are companies like GamStop that allow you to exclude yourself from all gambling sites at once, preventing you from wagering on legal casinos and sports betting sites connected to the network.

Bet what you can afford to lose

Bet what you can afford to lose…and not a penny more.

Gamblers often get caught up in what they can win. They think, “If I bet €1,000, I could win €10,000!” and then allow themselves to focus on that 5-figure victory. They should be thinking, “If I bet €1,000, I could lose €1,000, and then I won’t be able to pay the bills”.

A gambling budget is more akin to the amount that you spend on booze during a Friday or Saturday night—it’s money you won’t get back and are using to enjoy yourself.

As soon as you start gambling more than you can afford to lose, you’ll start down a very slippery slope.

Focus on the fees

Focus on the fees before you join a casino and start making transactions.

Does the casino charge you for deposits and withdrawals? It’s rare to see charges for the former, but fees are more common with the latter.

You should also check how these fees apply to your chosen banking options. A casino might not charge you for using a web wallet, instant bank service, or a credit card, but your payment provider could charge you. In fact, with credit cards and pay by mobile services, you will be hit with sizeable fees.

And then you have currency conversion fees to consider.

Check withdrawal limits

Check withdrawal limits.

The majority of online casinos and sports books have withdrawal limits. These can vary from around €5,000 per month to over €50,000, and casinos that exceed those amounts typically don’t have limits at all.

You can find more information about a casino’s withdrawal limit in our reviews. It should also be listed on the casino’s banking options page, and if you can’t find it there, it will be included in the Terms and Conditions.

Knowing the limit is a must for high rollers and medium stake players, but it’s something that we recommend for all players, even if you’re gambling just a couple of hundred Euros a month.

Always check a bonus’s cash out limits

Always check a bonus’s cash out limits.

Although some Welcome Bonuses allow you to win as much as you want and merely restrict how many times you need to wager those funds before you can withdraw, others limit your total winnings.

You should check these limits before you start playing through the bonus. There’s nothing worse than securing a big win and then realizing that even if you make it through the wagering requirements, you’ll lose most of it.

Cash out limits apply to all bonus types, but they are often smaller and more common on Free Spin bonuses and no-deposit bonuses.

Check valid bonus games

Check valid bonus games.

The wagering requirements of a bonus aren’t the only things that matter. You also need to know where those requirements apply, and which games you are allowed to play.

With most bonuses, the rate at which you clear the wagering requirements will differ depending on whether you’re playing table games, Live Casino games, or slots. The latter often apply 100%, but many of the former are limited to just 5% or 10%, and some will give you nothing at all.

Many slot machines are excluded from bonus wagering requirements, including progressive jackpot slots. You can learn more about these requirements in the Bonus Terms and Conditions.

Be consistent

Be consistent with your stake.

Don’t change your stake too much. Many problem gamblers start by wagering an amount that they can afford to lose. Eventually, though, that amount steadily increases and before they know it, they’re betting with huge sums of money that seriously impact their finances and quality of life.

At that point, it’s hard to turn back and start betting less. It’s like a drug—once you have the tolerance, those low doses just aren’t sufficient.

To avoid such issues, you must set an affordable stake to begin with and then stick with it at all costs. You should only ever increase that stake if your financial situation improves significantly, and even then, you should still be betting an affordable amount.

Check wagering requirements

Check wagering requirements.

All bonuses have wagering requirements, and these can differ greatly from one casino to the next. Even the specific bonuses can vary greatly with regard to wagering requirements, with some insisting that you wager just 35x the bonus amount and others going as high as 70x.

Don’t just focus on the number, either. Pay attention to whether that number includes the deposit amount, bonus amount, or both. If it’s a 35x wagering requirement that applies to both the bonus and deposit, it’s effectively a 70x wagering requirement, and that makes a massive difference.

Wagering requirements exist for deposit bonuses, no-deposit bonuses, and Free Spin bonuses. You must check them all before you collect.

Take a break

Take a break when you’re stressed.

If you’re stressed, it’s time to stop gambling and take a break.

You’re more likely to make rash decisions when you’re stressed or frustrated. It means you could gamble more than you can afford and start raising your stake as a way of chasing losses.

You’re also less likely to stop when you start losing and less likely to make smart choices with regards to the games you play, how you bankroll, and whether you pay attention to probability and EV.

As soon as stress starts to get the better of you, take a step back and relax.

Verify your details

Verify your details as early as you can.

Some online casinos will insist that you verify your details as soon as you sign up. Others will randomly spring this request on you while you’re playing and most of them require verification before you can withdraw.

In any case, the request will come, and if you’re waiting on a large cash out and are suddenly tasked with snapping pictures of passports and utility bills and then waiting for them to be verified, it’ll be infuriating.

As soon as you know that you’ll be sticking around for the long haul, whether because it’s a great casino or you have some winnings, you should start the verification process.

Join Loyalty Programs and then ignore them

Join Loyalty Programs and then ignore them.

It’s very important to join Loyalty Programs. Some will require you to opt in, others will insist that you meet certain wagering criteria.

Don’t force yourself to bet more than you are comfortable with, but if the program is within your means, join it and start earning those points! If you’re gambling a lot, look out for VIP Programs, as these are made for the highest of high rollers and will give you a host of big prizes and perks based on your wagering habits.

When joining one of these programs, it’s important not to get too carried away. Don’t check your points balance every day, don’t wager more than you can afford, and ignore the program for a few weeks until you have accumulated a lot of points organically.

Check real money tournament rules

Check real money tournament rules.

Although real money tournaments are fantastic and can boost your play sessions, some are better than others. If you’re a high roller, look for casinos that give you points based on your total wager or your average wager. If not, these tournaments are best avoided, and you should instead focus on ones that reward you for win/loss ratios and biggest payout percentages.

These types of tournaments are not dependent on your stake and so you don’t need to be a high roller or even a medium stakes player to win.

These tournaments exist on most modern online casinos.

Play must-drop jackpots

Play must-drop jackpots at the right times.

Some games have “must-drop” jackpots that are guaranteed to activate before they reach a certain amount or a certain time of day. Sometimes, they are daily jackpots that will trigger before midnight. Other times, they must be won before they reach a 5-figure or 6-figure amount.

You have a higher chance of winning these games if you play nearer to those times, assuming they are still available. Of course, these jackpots can be won at any time, but if they will trigger before midnight and are still available with 10 minutes to go, you have a greater chance than if you were playing 12 hours earlier.

Value of Free Spins

Always check the value of Free Spins.

Free Spins are not weighted equally, and based on the value of the spins, it’s possible for a bonus of 10 spins to be worth more than 50 spins.

Some Free Spins are valued at just €0.01 each, which means that 100 Free Spins are worth just €1. You’ll still get some free turns of the reels, but as all progressive jackpots are disabled, those spins will be pretty worthless.

Other Free Spins have a value of €0.50, which means that just 10 Free Spins are worth €5. You still can’t win progressive jackpots, but that’s a big difference.

Casinos don’t advertise these terms openly, but you can find them in the Bonus Terms and Conditions.

Learn expected value (EV)

Learn expected value (EV) when playing table games.

EV is a probability protocol, and it allows you to see beyond the stake and the odds, comparing the two to determine what the anticipated value of a certain action is.

For instance, the EV is higher when you are playing progressive jackpot slots at record levels, as they could be ready to pay out at any point. You can also use it when playing poker.

If you need to hit a River card to win a hand, you could have a 1 in 20 chance. If the pot requires you to bet $500 to win $1,000, it wouldn’t make sense to do so. The EV is not in your favour. On the flip side, if that 1 in 20 chance comes with a 30x pot, such as a $3,000 win on a $100 bet, it makes much more sense.

Learn the Martingale strategy

Learn the Martingale strategy.

The Martingale strategy is a surprisingly effective strategy that works perfect on games of Roulette, as well as countless others. It’s not necessarily going to win you lots of money, but in the right conditions, it could help you to break even while accumulating Loyal Points.

The idea is that you stick to your original stake when you win and double it when you lose. If you keep losing, you keep doubling, but for this to work, you need to start with a very modest stake and ensure that your doubling won’t take you over the table limits. It should also be limited to 50/50 bets, such as Black/Red.

Learn about odds and probability

Learn about odds and probability.

Experienced gamblers are not necessarily great mathematicians, but if you ask them about the probability of a coin flip or a dice roll, they’ll know the answer off the top of their heads. They will also be able to tell you whether the odds placed on that outcome are fair or not.

It’s important to know these things as it allows you to make snap decisions in the heat of the moment. It means you’re less likely to bet a large amount of money on an outcome that doesn’t favour them.

You’ll learn about more of these things as you play and become more experienced. However, you can shorten that learning curve by actively looking into them.

Forget about the gambler’s fallacy

Forget about the gambler’s fallacy.

The gambler’s fallacy has fooled a lot of gamblers over the years, and it continues to trick them with its apparent common sense approach to gambling.

Simply put, it says that if a Roulette wheel hits 5 blacks in a row, the odds are much greater that the next one will be red. In actual fact, it’s just as likely to hit black again. Sure, the odds of hitting 6 blacks in a row are very low, but each result happens in isolation, and so the odds are always the same when you’re dealing with single spins.

The gambler’s fallacy attaches emotion and reason to something that is emotionless.

Play real money tournaments

Play real money tournaments when you can.

Most modern casinos stage real money slot tournaments. These tournaments reward you when you play certain slots. They will typically give you points based on the amount you wager, but some will give you points based on win/loss ratios.

In any case, when you join these tournaments, you will get all of the money you win from the slots as well as any additional cash earned during the tournament.

It’s a win-win!

Be sure to check the Terms and Conditions of the tournament, learning about minimum stake requirements, game requirements, and other such terms.

Play free games

Play free games when and where you can, even if there is no obvious incentive.

We’ve discussed the importance of playing free slots in the past, but the same is true for other games. The more you play, the better you will become. It never hurts to practice strategies and techniques, especially when it comes to games like Poker and Blackjack—the former can help you to perfect your game while the latter is perfect practice for Basic Blackjack Strategy.

Play at home with real cards. Play mobile games. Play with free credits. As long as you’re playing, you’re learning, and that’s what’s important.

Always research

Always research the casinos that you join and the games that you play.

We can help you with this, as we have done extensive research on all of the casinos on our review page, and we’ve also covered many of their games. But our efforts will be in vain if you don’t actually read the reviews and study the guides.

By doing a little research in advance, you can make sure that you only join casinos with the best bonuses and most dedicated gaming providers. You can also stick with the games that offer the biggest payouts.

A little prior planning could be a massive difference in the long term.

Always keep track

Always keep track of your gambling.

From your deposits and withdrawals to your wagers, wins, and losses, every aspect of your gambling must be tracked.

Most gamblers will tell you that they are roughly breaking even over the year or even over their lives. They’ll regale you with stories of their biggest wins but will neglect to mention the times that they lose. It’s not that they are lying to you, it’s that they only remember the big wins and have blocked out the losses.

By keeping track of your gambling, you won’t make the same mistakes and will know exactly what you have won and lost.

Don’t assume a game is “due”

Don’t assume a game is “due” because you’ve been losing.

Old-school offline slots are programmed to payout at a specific rate.

In the old days, you could watch a pub slot machine all day, wait for the unfortunate patrons to feed their cash into the machine and then jump in just before the jackpot. You were literally watching the RTP in real time and although those tactics were far from fool proof, they worked on occasion.

These days, it’s a different story. Just because you have lost hundreds of spins doesn’t mean you are due a few hundred wins. If you’re haemorrhaging money, it’s a sign that you should back away and try something else, and not a sign that you should keep playing and waiting for your luck to change.

Enjoy yourself

Try to enjoy yourself.

It’s one of the most important things you need to remember when gambling online.

It is possible to be a professional gambler, but they usually focus on poker rooms and sports betting, and the latter is only really true if they have a lot of knowledge or access to some helpful data. Where slots and casinos games are concerned, it’s all about luck. There are no guarantees, no ways to earn a consistent profit, and so it’s not a profession.

It’s all about enjoying yourself and killing a few hours. If you’re not enjoying yourself and those hours are passed in anger and frustration, then maybe gambling isn’t for you after all.

Respond to bad reviews?

Does your chosen casino or sportsbook respond to bad reviews? If so, it could have better customer support and may create fewer issues for you in the future.

If you have an issue that the support team won’t deal with, a review gives you an outlet to express your discontent and get an answer from a team with more responsibility. If the casino doesn’t read or respond to those reviews, it will fall on deaf ears and your frustration will increase. If they do have someone responding to them, there’s a good chance that your complaint will be heeded, and your problem will be dealt with.

Use secure and unique passwords

Gambling sites are some of the most secure sites on the web, but it’s still important to always use secure and unique passwords.

The problem is that smaller sites are being hacked all of the time, and if you have used the same password on a retail site, forum, app, or elsewhere, you may be giving hackers complete access to your gambling account and everything within.

Instances of fraud resulting from hacked gambling accounts are very rare, but considering the financial details and money located within these accounts, they can be disastrous when they do happen.

Always protect yourself by making your passwords unique.

Trust your gut

Always trust your gut when dealing with an online casino or making a bet. In the first instance, you can usually tell when something is not right but if you second guess yourself and try to overthink things, you’ll eventually succumb to greed or desperation and will let scam tricks get the better of you.

It’s a similar story when you’re making bets. Those instinctive “gut” reactions are based on an automatic assessment, and when you dismiss them and start to overthink, you’ll be letting doubt control your decision.

Oftentimes, you know the right decision and just end up talking yourself into making the wrong one.

Always check the support options

Before you commit to an online casino, always check the support options.

It’s something that many players overlook, but if you have ever needed to contact a casino customer support team, you’ll understand how important it is. There is nothing more frustrating than having an urgent issue and constantly being met with slow email support, non-existent Live Chat, and indifferent team members.

Check how many support options they have available, focusing on phone support and Live Chat. Pay close attention to the support hours, as well. You want a site whose customer support team is actually active when you are online.

Check that the site is regulated

Always check that the site is regulated before you play.

It’s a simple tip and it’s also an obvious one, but players are so accustomed to dealing with legitimate casinos that they assume the same is true for all sites. They stop paying attention to the basics and, as a result, they are stung by a site that is not regulated and—potentially—not legit.

To see whether a site is regulated, simply look for a stamp from an official authority and then click it. If it’s legit, it should connect you to the casino’s license where you can confirm that it is regulated.

Don’t let great graphics fool you.

Don’t let great graphics fool you.

We’re all guilty of Shiny Object Syndrome every now and then. If a game has glorious 3D graphics, we’re usually drawn like moth to a flame. But those graphics might be hiding a low payout. After all, developers know that more people will play the game purely because it has great graphics, and so they can afford to take a few liberties.

Although it’s not always the case, you’ll often find that the games with the highest RTPs and biggest payouts have the poorest visuals and the least inspiring themes. So, before you jump in and play, be sure to check whether the game is actually worth your time and money.

Blackjack and Poker

Focus on games of Blackjack and Poker.

House edge/RTP is one of the most important things in any online casino. The lower the edge, the greater your chances of success, and when it comes to games that have the lowest house edge, you can’t get much better than Blackjack and Poker.

Blackjack has the highest RTP of any casino game played against the house, and that is especially true for games like Double Xposure Blackjack and Switch Blackjack.

Poker is even better, as it technically doesn’t have a house edge. However, that only applies in PvP poker, and you’ll also be going up against skilled and knowledgeable players.

Always gamble responsibly

Always gamble responsibly.

It’s a statement that you will have heard many times, but do you actually listen to it? The problem with these statements is that they just become background noise after a while. You pay as much attention to them as you pay to the iTunes Terms of Service or the “always drink responsibly” comments at the end of alcohol adverts.

Every now and then, you should take the time to assess your gambling. Look at your losses and earnings and ask yourself if you are gambling too much based on your income. And if your income changes, then reduce your wagers accordingly.

Always gamble responsibly

It’s a statement that you will have heard many times, but do you actually listen to it? The problem with these statements is that they just become background noise after a while. You pay as much attention to them as you pay to the iTunes Terms of Service or the “always drink responsibly” comments at the end of alcohol adverts.

Every now and then, you should take the time to assess your gambling. Look at your losses and earnings and ask yourself if you are gambling too much based on your income. And if your income changes, then reduce your wagers accordingly.

Bet less when you’re losing and more when you’re winning

If you’re playing tournament and cash game poker, bet less when you’re losing and more when you’re winning.

The idea that you should “quit while you’re ahead” applies to most forms of gambling because you’re constantly fighting a house edge. Eventually, that winning streak will end, the casino’s edge will balance out, and you’ll lose. But in games of poker, you have just as much chance to win and lose as your opponent, so it becomes more about confidence and patience.

By betting less when you’re losing, you’ll be forced to return to the basics and maintain discipline. By betting more when you’re winning, you can take advantage of that confidence and apparent invincibility.

Quit while you’re ahead

If you’re playing casino games, you should always quit while you’re ahead. It doesn’t apply to games of tournament poker, when you’re going up against players who have the same odds of winning, but when you’re playing against casinos, they have an edge over you. The more that you play, the more this edge will balance out.

Just because you’re winning now doesn’t mean you’ll still be winning in the future. Eventually, those odds will balance out, and when you start losing, you’ll be more prone to taking risks and letting your frustration get the better of you.

It’s easy to lose everything that you have won if you adopt this mindset, so always quit when you’re ahead.

Verify your account details

To avoid any hassle further down the line, verify your account details as soon as you can.

These days, most reputable casinos will insist that you verify your details before you make a withdrawal. In some cases, you’ll be allowed to make a few withdrawals, but that request will come eventually.

The last thing you want when you’re trying to initiate a withdrawal is to be told that you need to send a bunch of documents and wait for a few days. It’s frustrating, it’s irritating, and it seems to be the cause of countless complaints and bad reviews.

To avoid such issues, you must verify as soon as you join a site and decide that you’re going to be spending a lot of time there.

Charge a withdrawal fee

Does your chosen casino charge a withdrawal fee? Did you check?

Most players answer these questions with a confused shrug and a shake of the head. It’s something that many of us overlook, and yet it’s an essential piece of info as there are a lot of casinos that will charge you for withdrawals.

This is true even for many UK bingo sites and casinos. Even in a country that has some of the most diverse gambling sites and one of the most competitive industries, it’s not unheard of for sites to charge a withdrawal fee.

If you’re making small withdrawals, this fee could constitute a sizeable chunk of your cash out and is something you need to know about in advance.

Check the speed of withdrawals

Always check the speed of withdrawals before you join a casino.

It’s something that many players overlook but understanding how quick the withdrawals are as soon as you join will save you a lot of hassle in the future.

Imagine that you have a massive gaming session every weekend and withdraw your winnings every Sunday night. You need that cash before Wednesday so that you can start preparing for the next weekend.

Some casinos will only process your withdrawals after a 3 day wait and if you’re using debit cards, it may take another 3 to 5 days. It means that your money won’t be there before the weekend and that could mess with your plans.

By checking withdrawal speeds in advance, you won’t have this issue.

Practice patience

Practice patience—it’s one of the most valuable traits that you can have as a gambler.

You probably already know how powerful patience is when playing tournament poker. These games can run for hours and if you want to make it to the end, you need to relax, bide your time, and don’t let impatience or anger get the better of you.

But patience is also key when playing casino games.

Take Live Casino games as an example. The best way to learn is to sit out for a few hands, watch others play, and study the table. You’ll get the experience you need to improve as a player without risking any real money. Having the patience to find the right slots is also key, as is looking for the most suitable bonuses.

If you’re not sure about something, ask!

If you’re not sure about something, ask! The answers are out there, and it only takes a few seconds to find what you’re looking for.

Mistakes can be expensive, especially if you’re placing wagers that you know nothing about and missing out on bonuses that you should be collecting.

There are many ways to get the help that you need. If you need info about specific bonuses, you can contact the casino directly using Live Chat. If you’re struggling with strategies and other basic gaming issues, try a gambling forum or take a look at the many guides here at Coinbuzz.com. If you’re not sure about the rules of a Live Casino game, simply use the chat box to ask the dealer.

Always be ready to use it to your advantage

If you are a high roller, you are in a very unique position and should always be ready to use it to your advantage.

To an online casino, a high roller can be worth 100s of small stakes players. So, if you don’t like the size of the Welcome Bonus and there is no VIP Scheme being advertised, contact the casino in advance, tell them how much you plan to deposit, and see what they can offer you.

Just bear in mind that their definition of a high roller may be different to yours. In the online casino sector, it typically refers to someone who deposits in excess of $5,000 to $10,000 a month.

Need a Loyalty Scheme

As good as Welcome Bonuses are, they don’t give you much incentive to stick around after the first week or so. For that, you need a Loyalty Scheme. They are some of the most underappreciated bonuses in the industry, and yet they can be worth considerably more than a Welcome Bonus.

Always make sure that your chosen casino has a Loyalty Bonuses. This is even more important if you are a high roller (or even a medium stake player), as you’ll be gambling the sort of money that you need to reach the highest levels of the VIP Scheme and secure the most loyalty points.

You need a bankroll

You need a bankroll—it’s as simple as that.

A bankroll is often the thing that separates a casual gambler from an experienced one, and it’s something that a professional gambler will never be without.

A bankroll ensures that you never bet more than you can afford and always take your gambling seriously. It helps you to keep track of every penny that you wager and win, and it turns what would otherwise be a hobby of reckless wagering, loss-chasing, and high-risk strategies into one that is serious and—potentially—profitable.

Always establish a bankroll and make sure you adhere to it at all times.

Strategies for beating online casino games

Believe it or not, there are some effective strategies for beating online casino games. They are not fool proof, but they will increase your chances of getting a payout and they are very easy to implement.

Learning these strategies is a must if you want to become a more profitable gamer.

One of the most effective strategies is something known as the Martingale Strategy. It’s best used in games of Roulette where you can bet on outcomes that have a near 50/50 probability and payout, but gamblers have employed this strategy on countless other games, including Baccarat and even sports betting.

There are risks (there always are) but learning these strategies will be a massive help.

Play it in free play mode

To get a feel for a particular slot machine, play it in free play mode, also known as demo mode.

Most online casinos will let you play their slots for free. You don’t need to stake any real money and you don’t stand to lose anything. Of course, you won’t win anything, either, but free play slots are a great way to test a game and familiarize yourself with its features and mechanics.

If you’re new to online gambling or you’re not familiar with how a particular game or feature works, free play mode could be just what you need. It also helps you when testing certain strategies or ideas.

Don’t play drunk

Don’t play drunk—you’ll be playing right into the casino’s hands.

There’s a reason that casinos give you free drinks all night, and it’s not because they like you and want you to have a good time. It’s because we take more risks when we’re intoxicated, and we lose the filter that stops us from making stupid decisions. The same thought process that insists it’s a good time to call your ex and beg for forgiveness is the one that tricks you into wagering more than you can afford and making stupid bets.

To keep your sanity and bank balance intact, only play when you’re sober.

Don’t chase no-deposit bonuses

Don’t chase no-deposit bonuses if you’re not a small stakes player.

No-deposit bonuses are often held in very high esteem. They are the bonuses that most player want and the ones that most casinos make a big deal about. It’s free money after all.

The problem is that they are never as good as they seem, and if you are not a small stakes player, they are useless.

Not only do they have strict terms and cash out limits, but the maximum you get is usually between $5 and $20, and if you’re someone who regularly deposits in excess of $100, that’s just not enough.

Matched Deposit Bonuses are much better if you are depositing and wagering this amount of money.

Master the house edge

Master the house edge and decrease it anyway that you can.

The “house edge” is basically the advantage that the casino has over the player. It has to exist because the casino has to make a consistent profit. However, it is calculated over many plays and many players, and the lower it is, the less luck you need to tilt things in your favour.

A house edge is often displayed as a low percentage and is commonly used on table games, with the RTP being more common on slots. Both of these numbers are essentially the same thing, but while the house edge highlights the casino’s advantage, the RTP shows you the player’s advantage. It means that a 0.5% house edge equates to a 99.5% RTP.

Need to understand exactly what RTP means

You will see the term “RTP” used a lot in the online gambling sector and if you want to master these games and turn a profit more consistently, you need to understand exactly what RTP means.

Simply put, RTP stands for “return to player” and tells you how big a game’s payouts will be. The higher the number, the more it pays out. Sure, there are other factors to consider and RTPs are calculated over many thousands of spins, but it’s still a very valuable number that helps you to find the best slots.

Before you sit down to play real money slot machines, spend some time looking for the games with the best RTPs.

Don’t forget about volatility!

Don’t forget about volatility! It can be just as important as RTPs as it will dictate whether a game is better suited for short sessions or long sessions. Also known as variance, a game’s volatility can be measured on multiple levels but is typically scored as Low, Medium, or High.

Low volatility slots pay frequent small wins while high volatility slots pay infrequent large wins. If you only have 20 or spins to take, it makes more sense to stick with low volatility slots, as that way you can guarantee a payout and there’s less chance of walking away empty handed.

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