Factom Steps Into the Healthcare Sector with HealthNautica

Unalterable Blockchain-based record-keeping system provider, Factom, has announced their association with US medical records and services solutions provider, HealthNautica. This news comes on the heels of other high-profile partnerships with companies such as the Synereo social network, digital exchange and wallet provider Coinapult and beta online wallet service Tether.

HealthNautica hopes that integrating the Blockchain based technology will help secure the integrity of highly sensitive documents within their field of work, such as: billing and claims process disputes, medical records, surgery scheduling information, etc.

President of HealthNautica Shailesh Bhobe had this to say about Factom:

“The Factom technology is a perfect fit for enhancing the audit trails and the secure nature of the healthcare records that HealthNautica manages for its users, …”

When questioned, HealthNautica board member Andrew Yashchuck spoke about how the technology would also be a perfect fit for the insurance industry and about the need for educating executives about the Blockchain and how it could help them with record-keeping labors, claim validation and client confidentiality.

This marks one of the first incursions of the technology into the healthcare industry and Factom President Peter Kirby is very enthusiastic about the doors it may open:

“We are excited to insert Factom’s technology into the healthcare industry, as one of our goals while developing this software was to offer a way to ensure the integrity of medical records, while still maintaining patient privacy, HealthNautica is a pioneer in digital health records, and we are thrilled to pave the way in the next generation of tamper-proof record keeping and audit trails with them.”


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