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Personal finance app Mint has partnered with wallet service Coinbase to allow users to keep track of their bitcoin investments. ...

The Best Apps For Bitcoin and Altcoins

Applications have been central to the use of cryptocurrencies on online casinos. These apps help to make crypto payments easier and more user-friendly, which in turn allows a greater number of consumers to get on board.

One of the biggest complaints about cryptocurrencies is that they can be fiddly to acquire and use. Sure, investors don’t have an issue with this, but the same can’t be said for the average user.

If you typically rely on debit card payments and web wallets and all of a sudden, you’re asked to switch over to cryptocurrencies—a method that requires you to download and secure a wallet and keep track of an ID—you’re going to be a little confused.

But applications like CoinsPaid, BitPay, and countless others can make it easier.

CoinsPaid is actually a great example. It works a lot like PayPal and Skrill, only it’s tailored almost entirely toward cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Litecoin. It’s simpler, quicker, and much more convenient.

The articles on this page all concern cryptocurrency apps, from those that can facilitate payments to ones that will help you top follow your investments and make smarter choices.