Paymium Partners With Ingenico Adding Bitcoin To POS

Ingenico Group is vast and global, present in 125 countries commercially via eighty offices as well as depending upon it’s extensive partner network. The group has installed 22 million POS (Point of Sale terminals installed which led to 2013 annual revenues of EUR 1.3bn. You may ask, so what?

Paymium currently sits inside the Bitcoin payments market and has just partnered with the aforementioned Ingenico Group; the latter will allow European brick-and-mortar retailers to accept and process Bitcoin through POS terminals.

Paymium stepped-up with development of a hosted App on the Telium Tetra Marketplace. Telium Tetra incorporates a payment application suite developed specifically for it’s own POS terminals, whilst the Paymium App permits merchants to accept payments in Bitcoin with conversion to the Euro currency.

EVP of Global Sales & Marketing at Ingenico Group, Michel Leger – stated that ‘We are very pleased to partner with Paymium to enrich our dedicated Business Applications Marketplace. This allows us to bring more value to merchants through our terminals, enabling them to offer their customers a new consumer experience’

BitPay set-up European operations with it’s respective headquarters being established during April, setting a growth perspective of 30,000 European merchants by 2014-end. This is where Paymium will see stiff competition. The European payments processing space is hotting up.