Gambit: The Player Versus Player Bitcoin Gambling Site With 0% Rake

One of the major selling points for bitcoin gambling is the incredibly low house edge and rake, which isn’t found anywhere outside of bitcoin gambling operations. Yesterday, one bitcoin gambling site in particular announced they are removing rake completely, the site now offers a 0% rake on all games.

Gambit is a bitcoin gambling website that allows users to challenge each other on a variety of board and card games. The site is known for its creative and benevolent promotions, such as paying back profits in weekly raffles and daily win bonuses. The site has been up since 2013 and remains populated by a small but active community.

Yesterday, an announcement was made by the site owner with a multitude additions to the site. Most notably, of course, was the removal of rake from the site. In regards of rake, the announcement stated, “We have removed all fees from all games! This is crazy awesome and we’re the only site that I know of on the internet with a 0% rake. This doesn’t mean this is a permanent change, but for the time being, enjoy some rake free play!”

For now, there is absolutely no rake on the website. As stated in the announcement, this may not be a permanent removal, but as of today, there are absolutely no fees attached to Gambit. The amount you wager is the amount you can earn, and users are definitely taking advantage of it.

Players can challenge one another on 12 creative remakes of classic board and card games. These games include: Dominoes, Backgammon, Dots and Boxes, Rock Paper Scissors, Capture, Penta, Open Face Chinese Poker, Bitnopoly (Monopoly), Yatzy (Yahtzee), World War (Risk), and Oh Ship! (Battleship). The website also hosts three single player games: Money Mania, Solo Open Face Chinese Poker, and Chaining Poker Hands. You can buy into contests on these games to compete against other users for the highest score.

The website is simple, and very user friendly. Users select a game from the list on the home screen, and select the amount they want to wager and amount of players in the game (if applicable). Alternatively, players can wager their money by accepting a challenge from the list of open challenges at the bottom of the page.

Kajunkennyg, a long time player on Gambit, gave his reasoning as to why he plays on Gambit, “I play here cause the games are fun and the owner is a known entity with a solid reputation. So, I don’t have to worry about losing my bitcoin. There’s a lot of good reasons to play here. I’ve been here a long time, and Jay [the owner] always listens to the community. If we have a problem with something, he fixes it. If Jay is not sure how something should be, he will ask. Very few sites actively listen to players like that in the bitcoin world.”

Gambit is one of the most stable, professional sites out there for gambling bitcoin. The removal of rake is one more reason added to a plethora more as to why you should choose Gambit. If you haven’t already, give it a try today.