French chain Monoprix to accept bitcoin


Monoprix, a major French retail chain based in Clichy, France, has announced support for Bitcoin. The company’s director, Patrick Qualid, formally announced the decision, and how it was influenced by the simplicity offered by digital currencies.

Oualid was interviewed on French news site JDN, where he said:

“Monoprix has always been a pioneer position and sought to bring to its customers that we do not necessarily see elsewhere. […]Our approach vis-à-vis bitcoins is identical. The idea is not absolutely appear among the first who launch there, but think about what they can change in the lives of our customers. Even if this is far too early to expect a significant turnover. Monoprix, many of us believe it. The bitcoins are not a flash in the pan.”

Oualid admitted in the interview that the company was on a steep learning curve, and that he does not expect to see a turnover in bitcoin any time soon.

When asked how soon Monoprix would be accepting bitcoins, Oualid answered, “Maybe by the end of 2014. Technically, this does not seem very difficult to fit me. In this way, if the outbreak occurs in 2015, we are ready.” When asked how the company would prioritise the rollout of Bitcoin payments, he answered that the company’s website would be a priority over its mobile apps and physical stores.

Sources: CryptoCrimson, JDN

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