BitforTip Lets You Answer Questions for Bitcoin

No Comment Yet, a new Bitcoin website, is exploring new ways to earn cryptocurrency by offering Bitcoin rewards to users who answer simple questions.

How does this website work?

BitforTip allows users to ask questions to the public (think Yahoo Answers), but the same users who ask questions will offer rewards to the people who answer.

For example, let’s say I wanted to know where to buy an item, or the answer to a math problem. All I would need to do is ask the question on BitforTip and deposit a small amount of BTC. Then, the person who answers correctly would get my reward of Bitcoin for themselves.

In my opinion, this website is a very interesting concept. I myself have asked a question on it before. However, the website is very new and few users are actually registered. If this website gets a good amount of visitors, it will have great potential.

I am giving this website a 7/10 score. If it had more traffic, I would raise it to an 8 or 9.

The Review


8.5 Score

"A website that rewards people... if they have answers."

The Good

  • A great way to earn BTC
  • Nice place to get answers

The Bad

  • Very new
  • Few users


  • Has potential, but needs time to grow 70%

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